Tiger Woods – Fail Compilation (2010 Masters & US Open)

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Best Tiger Woods' failed shots from 2010. Everything from mishits, duck hooks, slices, fatties, over-cooks, misreads, temper tantrums, and shanks. Tiger Woods is a mere mortal, one who lost what he was given by his own choice…

“Palmer and Player and Nicklaus,
Were a Big Three that never tricked us.
Palmer's army continually roared,
And Player had his moments adored,
And Nicklaus' wins — how they soared!
How wonderfully often they'd lift us,
This Palmer and Player,
This Palmer and Player and Nicklaus.” – Dorthy Parker, 1967.

NOTE: I am trying to get footage from 2012 of Tiger Woods falling apart on the golf course but he wasn't in contention most the year… nuff said on part 2 me thinks.

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peartfaldo says:

He made his way back to #1 in 2013 you retard. Won 5 times and was player
of the year.

louie says:

I think the title is accurate. These are fails by Tiger standards. I’m a
huge Tiger fan.

Kinni Jones says:

This makes me cry. :-(

Cameron Lippoldt says:

I hope this guy never wins another major. Karma

sce toaux says:

hahaha I just love how he drops the club after the shot!

TheArfdog says:

“one who lost what he was given by his own choice…” What did Tiger lose
again? He has 14 majors…. 

Than McDowell says:

8:30 I would be thrilled with that bunker shot onto a glass table green
like that!

Roberto Mercado says:

I love this. Not because I like to see Tiger miss and frustrated, but
because whenever I feel like crap out on the golf course, I can just
remember this and what the game can do to the #1 player in the world. 

Jordan Meas says:

It’s crazy he seemed like he was playing the type of golf guys play when
they miss the cut but he still tied for 4th. 

Shawn Riley says:

gee, I’d just hate to be as terrible and shitty as Tiger

VinceK Gumbie says:

Won 5 times this year

VinceK Gumbie says:

Well hey he’s back 

Hitomi Kugo says:

In the worst season of his career, all you could manage was 9 minutes of
ho-hum shots? These aren’t failed shots; I see these everyday from any
other Tour pro in the world. Is this seriously all you have? He wasn’t in
contention in 2012? He led 2 majors after 36-holes and faded(slightly) on
the weekends due to his short game from 150-yards and in. You’re a pathetic
little man, but thank you for letting me know that the GOAT only has 9
minutes worth of bad against years worth of good. Gg bro

Mark Johnstone says:

and to think he still came tied 4th in these tournaments…fail

Birdiezalldaylong says:

i felt so bad for tiger the whole video :'( cause this was right after the
whole scandal and he was just falling apart

Greg Pfundt says:

Fails in golf are ubiquitous… Video poster is just a stupid troll,

GolfVideoAnalysis says:

To bad the entire field didn’t roll over and hand Tiger the tournament like
they used too.

golf520man says:

Anyone think the golf channel’s fetish for tiger is unhealthy?

Jack Fairey says:

Ok, I’m not Tiger’s biggest fan, but that comment doesn’t make any sense.
If we recorded every shot you’d ever hit, sure some of them might have been
Woods standard, but you would also have a lot more mishits, duffs and poor
shots. What the TV or the newspapers tell me is nothing; Tiger is the
second greatest golfer of all time on stats. The amount of majors and
tournaments he’s won is rivalled only by Nicklaus. That’s an undisputed
fact, and believing it isn’t being stupid.

LS7Liverpool says:

oh ya, tiger really lost it. He’s only won 3 of 5 tournaments this year.

MrA8figureman says:

The reason those names are even known is because the talent pool was so
small the top 50 golfers today would dominate the top 5 golfers of 25 30
years ago… We will agree to disagree…

Adrian Wong says:

Long live the King.

Benjamin Meit says:

the three putt on 14 was painful to watch, i remember screaming lol

John Doe says:

Your right, nothing else matters but what you say. It doesn’t matter Tiger
is only 37 and 4 majors away. It doesn’t matter he already has 6 more
career wins then Jack and 3 away from the Sams record. It doesn’t matter he
owns almost every PGA tour win category ever recorded. It doesn’t matter,
wait, its your opinion that doesn’t matter 😀 . He owns every category over
Jack other than majors and he is only 37 years old and you act like he
doesn’t deserve any recognition. Seriously, grow up.


tiger is a sexual predator

2losenuthin says:

a TW “fail compilation” really? What are your accomplishments, uploader?

DaEvilFruju says:

I’m loving theres someone else who realises that although Tiger is good,
his wins comprise luck and the rest of the field letting him win.

Tyler Root says:

mumford and sons in the background? nice work

evadwall says:

you one of his porn star hookers or just a wannabe?

so Fhavela says:

Remember how he blew his knee out and still went on the win the Open?

Brendon Kim says:

lmao the video should be renamed “2010 masters fuck up”

Pronto90 says:

Uhm.. Did you even read my comment? Try again.

evadwall says:

Yeah, he’s got lots of talent, but win or lose, he’s never enjoyable to
watch. The guy is completely full of himself and is a foul-mouthed whiner.
Bad luck to you tiger woody!

kguknow says:

But the thing is Eldrick would still beat all of these guys.. you dont
understand this guy. He wont stop until he beats Jack

Bobby Merino says:

Look at all of his good shot though. You’ll be watching the video for days

Mickey Lerner says:

Ppl who are hating on Tiger are gay

Norman Black says:

Are you retarded ??????

Tristan Blevins says:

*And Couples, O’Meara, Oostie, Bubba, Snedeker, McIlroy, Donald, Garcia,
Els, Singh, Howell, Payne, Kuch, DJ, etc. The competition really wasn’t
much different. Jack and Tiger are the 2 greatest when it comes to golf,
you are really underestimating Tiger in my opinion. The fact is, nowadays
people aren’t just playing golf, they’re being athletes. Players didn’t do
that in Jack’s time. The competition is tougher nowadays. Just my opinion.

averellss says:

Tiger is one of the greatest athletes of all time. A fact that is proven
numerous times by indisputable achievements on the highest level of
competition. For you to say that hes never enjoyable to watch indicates a
lack of understanding of the game on you behalf. It could also be rooted in
some personal beef that you have with Tiger. Both of these reasons would be
perfectly understandable. But when you say that anyone disputing your
statement are sucking up to Tiger… you are going full retard.

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