Tiger Woods, Masters Augusta 2005: 16th Hole

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“Woods was clinging to a one-shot lead and on the ropes, sailing his tee shot long over the par-3 16th green with DiMarco facing a 15-footer for birdie. Woods played his chip up the slope and watched it trickle down, begging from his knees for it to keep going. When it stopped, then dropped, it looked as though Woods had The Masters won.

“I would rank that as one of the best ones I've ever hit,” Woods said. “It turned things around. It was pretty huge.””

The Associated Press

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asianfireflie says:


Dustin R says:


Slots Player says:

Care less about Mr. Woods personal life – period. This chip shot bu Mr.
Woods was the most amazing golf shot I have ever seen and I was lucky
enough to see it live in Augusta.

Paul EJ says:

Understand this fact……Tiger knows his Dad has about a year or so to
live He MUST win !…..No ifs and no buts He just has that ability to on
Sunday pull off the shot that is not only incredibly hard..but also the one
that is absolutely pivotal. He has done and is still doing it over and over
again. The guy is a bloody competitive and golfing GENIUS! Imagine Woods
and Nicklaus at their respective peaks with equal technology coming down
the last 9 holes stretch!! I believe Woods would win.

Lunchb0xable says:

The Nike symbol at the end is an amazing piece of serendipity for the Nike
marketing team.

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