Tiger Woods’ Masters Comeback & New Restaurant | The Waggle with Mark Crossfield

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Tiger Woods is branching out as a restaurateur, but can the four-time Masters winner make a full comeback at Augusta this year? Mark Crossfield breaks down his newest foodie foray and ponders whether Tiger’s glutes will ever fire again in the new series The Waggle.

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Tiger Woods’ Masters Comeback & New Restaurant | The Waggle with Mark Crossfield

Starring: Mark Crossfield


Nick Marathas says:

Lets get going !?!?!? Sounds wrong doesn’t it?

Kevin Haigh says:

The golf digest disclaimer was funny!

Stephane Gauthier says:

Way to go Mark!

Golfguy076 says:

Hats off to you Mark great video

lee ryder says:

TV burp?

boppaa w says:

wow wow wow wait a second, “Lets get going”.
are you kidding me

Lets get stuck in!!! 

benjo33682 says:

Oh Crumbs, it’s Penfold! 

marknic79 says:

WHAT the hell Mark! Where’s the lets get stuck in?

Darren Brown says:

Get the cat fox to recover the 3 iron 

Travis Thompson says:


IIIIlamboIIII says:

I am LOVING this!!!!! Muchos kudos Mark!

andy walker says:

Excellant Mark ,great video keep it up….Need to see Lockey as he Golf
Digests he’s prawnies to the world!

Paul Thomason says:

Love it!!

David Malfara says:

Nice…haven’t seen a hat-less Mark since the very earliest videos. Keep
it up, man…amazing thing you are doing here making the transition from
Youtube to mainstream media!

JETLFC says:

Nice one mark collaboration with golf digest. 

Simon Berry says:

He’s finally cracked! Lord help us each week as these get more depraved and

Ben Crinion says:

This is great. You should release it on Monday nights. Maybe get some other
pros in to banter with.

Stephen Littler says:


Matthew Rampersad says:

Bloody hell, I’m never gonna get any of my questions answered now on his
channel! Where will he find the time? LOL

Jack Bowers Vlogs says:

Marks egg head its not easter yet mark!!!

Stuart Wright says:

Haha I knew it!!!!!!!

Wally Jackson says:

you just have to love the disclaimer of Golf Digest at the head of the
show!, no flies on them… hahahaha

lee ryder says:

Has “bunker mentality”missed a payment?

alan moore says:

Get in there with GD.

Justin Schmidt says:

Catfox makes me laugh every time 

Trint R says:

Love it Mark !!!! Haha

ipodtouchrocks says:

loved this!

stuyboy says:

Crossfield expanding the range! Like the edgy persona.

graham streek says:

3 iron recovery service

Nick says:

should of called it The Wally

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