Tiger Woods Suspended for Failed Drug Test, PGA Golfer Dan Olsen Says

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Steve F says:

Was he banned? I doubt it. Was he using PED’s (or something)? Most likely.
Did he need them to win? Definitely not. Besides tinkering with his
swing gurus, bulking up, and other shit, he is his own worst enemy. Never
has a golfer had so many injuries, yet arguable Tiger is the most fit
golfer in history (nods to Gary Player, and others), but bulking up bicepts
and pecs is not conducive to good golf. Look at past greats and they have
big forearms and strong wrists, thighs, but are not ripped in their upper
bodies. These PED’s effect more than just your muscles…also your
behaviors. Humans are a mix of hormones, which differentiate us. So much
adds up. Bonds, A-Rod, Lance, Manny, Canseco, Mcguire,….the list goes
on….All this mirrors the inevitable collapse of the US. Even our FED has
the economy running on steroids and zero interest rates and talking about
negative interest rates. The Empire is rotten to the core.

cgasucks says:

I would believe him more if the said the PGA Tour suspended Tiger for
playing so shitty…

Tactical Persuader says:

He sounds pretty sincere to me. You don’t come out with a statement like
that without some proof. It’s obvious Olsen was either threatened with a
law suit or paid to retract his statement.
Tiger took steroids, it’s so obvious. Added to that the Canadian blood
doctor, com’on.

Golf In Red says:

Any Truth?

Brian Miller says:

This guy is embarrassing…why would you have this guy on your show?

Eaton Beaver says:

I heard from a good source that Dan Olsen was banned from MSU’s golf course
in college for a temper tantrum, that he shit in a fellow competitor’s
locker and has been fired from every job he has had. Never mind, I retract
every thing I say and would like to apologize to Dan, 730am, and Mad Dog.

Central Payment USA says:


inno8sky says:

If I were Tiger, I’d also go after the radio station.. This stuff is
supposed to be corroborated by another source or two before it gets

John Linneman says:

yeah, a ‘never was’ golfer has the news of the century about golf’s second
sure,… believe this guy,… the tiger haters will,….
the realist will wait to hear it from the tour,….

Adam Buzzo says:

Is this a joke? Guy sounds like he’s making it up as he goes ! Smh

Mike K says:

You got 3 hits on “the old Facebook”. Amazed this hasn’t been picked up by
The Golf Channel, ESPN, or really any credible source…ahem.

vivacem1 says:

tiger did not get suspended that olsen guy is an idiot

inno8sky says:

I think when it’s all said and done, Tiger is going to own your home, car
and anything else your pathetic life has collected.. Can’t wait!

Eaton Beaver says:

I’m a hot dog guy! I retract that, I want to apologize to Tim and Sparty
Coney Island

Paul Morrison says:

lawsuit in 3, 2, 1 …

MarK D says:


melissabelton says:

So Dustin Johnson supposedly received 6 months suspension, but Tiger only
received 1 month for PEDS… LOL
and who is he? He barely is on the tour!!!

clare sulivan says:

SHOCK CLAIM: PGA Golfer Says Tiger Woods Is Suspended For Failed Drug Test

clare sulivan says:

SHOCK CLAIM: PGA Golfer Says Tiger Woods Is Suspended For Failed Drug Test

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