Tiger Woods' range session for the Memorial Tournament pro-am 2019

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Tiger Woods warms up on the range prior to his pro-am at the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide 2019.

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The Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide returns to Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. The event will welcome some of the best players in the world such as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and defending champion Bryson DeChambeau. In 2018, DeChambeau won the tournament in a playoff against Byeong Hun An.

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PGA TOUR says:

Tiger Woods’ top 10 shots at Muirfield Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yc3jDIFQb1w

Mark Morse says:

Not getting behind the ball in the backswing. Hips getting ahead at contact. Low followthrough. Thin and off the toe. Pushing it right. Weak left hand. What do you think?

Nick Alhasan says:

Just hearing the spin off the face the way this video presents….. gold

Thomas Fraser says:

See Tiger strike his magic trail elbow inwardly( towards his body) in order to hit the ball outwardly(from his body). This one magic moves generates and directs his entire body to transfer tremendous potential energy to the head of his club as it makes contact to his ball. This is the secret of golf. Cheers.

A great swing is inside every one of us if we follow this one swing thought and allow the billions of radial and ulnar nerve endings from our elbow to communicate to the rest of our body during our entire swing. Cheers.

boystowomen says:

Unbelievable how precise he is. Doesn't even take a divot and just hits its so pure. G.O.A.T

James Dale Copeland says:

Stop playing the LPGA tour and make a show that lets us watch every tour pros range session. It would have more viewers.

June Smith says:

"The best iron game I've ever seen." -Jack Nicklaus

Preben Gjestang says:

this kid looks fit, guess he has a chance in PGA

Johnny Pep says:

1.21 drops a stinker … legendary

Brian Pope says:

How can such a simple movement be so hard… makes me wonder why I’m not pro.. golf is not that hard

Joe Kelly says:

Could watch this all day

Jovan Blackwell says:

The GOAT of all sports never gets old

Stoke says:

Love on the green in the background…all practice balls on green, none in rough

Adam Grey says:

Can someone go back in time and tell the fuckstick with the blue shirt to get out of frame

Enlightened ☀️ says:

I love that Tiger is worth almost a billion dollars yet still knows the worth of his tee! ??

Deshaun Mcqueen says:

This guy could have a future in this business

Miah Lee says:

1mil views of Tiger hitting balls on the range….classic.

Tahir Jawaid says:

Tiger swing is like a symphony, perfect physical harmony

Hamster Time says:

What year is it??????????2015?

Hamster Time says:

My dad loves him

Matt Corcoran says:

Love the perfectly straight left arm

Ted Zink says:

Watching how smooth and balanced Tiger swings is my new swing thought. Doesn't always work, but it sure helps most of the time.

Graeme Macdonald says:

Doesn’t touch the gresss PURE……….Listen to the strike ? Awesome goat
Boy next to him is chunkin it


look like so peaceful, i should be pro golfer in next life

Kev Park says:

beautiful swings

Brandon Lambert says:

Man, that is sooo silky smooth just wish he could keep that rhythm on the course!!
Hopefully Tiger can compete a little more this upcoming 2019-2020 season

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