Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy & Jason Day Short Game Session | TaylorMade Golf

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iwannaseenow1 says:

clicked this praying day wasn't hogging the audio.
38 seconds in VERY disappointed.

Beef General says:

I thought I could talk golf. These guys make me look stupid.

Cchird says:

Rory nods saying "yeah" like an excited kid at school ?❤

MrBrandybuck1120 says:

You really can see why they call Tiger a "natural". So much of his game is based on what he's able to feel. It's really a remarkable kind of intuition, and I'm so happy that he worked as hard as he did to actualize that intuition into results. truly the GOAT

晴彦甘利 says:


TheJerHarts says:

what degree wedges are they using here?

Kyle Ucarer says:

Jason day absorbing knowledge like he hits 104 and is trying to dramatically reduce his handicap

Dusty Dengel says:

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Thegooob95 says:

Good job Taylor made. This is the stuff. We just wanna be a fly on the wall

Stanley Liang says:

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P Scriv813 says:

Love how you have three world class professionals who all three hit the ball and approach the shot differently. Love seeing this back and forth.

pebruha sorepta says:

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arnold chavez says:

This is the sub 10 hdc forum for getting under 5. The insights… The mental aspect.

brian says:

This guy from Taylormade has some incredible power stances

brian says:

Tiger is like Yoda lol seriously tho it’s such a pleasure to watch these types of videos with him talking to the young guys about technique and philosophy

Banjo J says:

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Trees trees says:

Those guys need to watch secrets of the short game with Phil Mickelson

Russ Bravo says:

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skyler Hu says:

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The Seattle Cyclist says:

17:28 penalty

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