Titleist T200 Irons Review | Best Mid Handicap Irons of 2020

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Golfer Geeks final review of the Titleist T200 irons for 2020. Best mid handicap irons tested this year…https://golfergeeks.com/titleist-t200-irons-review/

Looks: Beautiful clubs sit behind the ball perfectly
Distance: Looooooooooooooooong
Trajectory: Get up easy. Get up fast. Stay up forever.
Forgiveness: Plenty for decent ball strikers
Feel: Lively. Great balance and solid at impact.

Clubs tested:
4-iron through Gap wedge
True Temper AMT Black S300 Shaft
Standard Lie

My new favorite irons of 2020. Our new Best Mid handicap iron champ at Golfer Geeks. https://golfergeeks.com/best-irons-for-mid-handicappers/

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Papa Shuk says:

You spoke about the look at address for 2 minutes and that it was a key feature so it would have been nice to see that view

Axel von Fersen says:

18 HCP and got fitted for these. I love them, went from my OS irons I've had from the start and my iron play have improved drastically. Final choice were between these and TaylorMade Sim Max and I went with these as I could progress with them.

peewee lewis says:

is it 50.00 plus shipping to and from?

peewee lewis says:

my 790’s hit knuckle balls i feel like, my 7 iron can go 160-200 im scared to hit it, but my 4 iron is the best 4 iron ive ever hit, i would not sell it if i sold my 790’s, im lookin at goin with ping i210’s

David Lewis says:

Play these with KBS Tour 120. Very satisfied.

Steven Klinkhamer says:

Really liked this review since I recently purchased a set of these clubs. Even though I am a high handicapper- you were playing my tune as for what these clubs are designed to do. I will take my chances with them.

Maddog8148 says:

Nice video.

TAEMA says:

Would you replace your p790s with t200s?

Steven Griffin says:

Great explanation of CG and launch relative to loft.

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