15 thoughts on “Tiger Woods shots – 2015 Farmers Insurance Open

  1. I’m not the biggest Tiger fan… but honestly this is a testament to how
    good he actually is… not many players, professional or not, would have
    been able to scrape around like he did and still save par. John Daly would
    have withdrew after the first few holes, amd most wouldn’t even have
    attempted to play at all. So while this is labeled as a fail for some, I
    think he showed great poise and gave a tremendous effort

  2. His acceleration through the ball isn’t nearly as stable as it was 10 years
    ago. Now he’s trying to “look” like the cover of Ben Hogan’s 5 lessons with
    the spine angle just WAY too bent. That wasn’t “real life” Hogan; just a
    artistic representation. There’s nothing wrong with coming in on the inside
    as long as you have the equal and opposite force going left after impact.
    Tiger still has power but he’s not controlling it like he used to. It’s not
    because of his injuries. It’s because what he wants to do and what he
    should do are not quite right. He’s not far from his old form, he just
    needs to work on his post impact acceleration.

  3. Faldo talks a pile of crap. “he just through his arms at it” *sigh* yeah,
    he really hit that 330 yard bomb terrible didn’t he lol tigers ballstriking
    may be currently crooked & pitching shakey, but he’s no fu#king hacker, the
    character assassination attempts from the commentary and media as a whole
    annoy me. I’d love him to win a major this year… Would shut up the

  4. I think tigers problem is pretty simple, and faldo’s graph was a great shot
    at it. Tiger just can’t get around like he used to be able to. What made
    him so great, that violent, incredible turn with all the club head speed
    and that incredible lag, tore his back and knees up to the point he can’t
    make the proper turn and angles. If he ever wants to be even in competition
    again, he’s gonna have to deal with the fact his body can’t do it anymore
    and get back to the “feel”. Slow the swing a little, deal with some loss of
    distance, and get back to hitting great shots. Chip shots aren’t about
    angle or swing plane, thats a “feel” shot and he doesn’t have it right now.

  5. All great ball strikers’ heads go down on their down swing. Just check out
    Scott, Rory, Martin etc. Tiger was the player of the year in ’13. He’s
    coming back from a back surgery and would love to see him win majors shut
    all these haters like Faldo. 

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