Tiger Woods Slow Mo Driver Swing | TaylorMade Golf

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Broskiology says:

The slo mo I found most helpful is .5 playback speed 👍🏼

Tom says:

what happened to Tiger's iron swing slow motion version?
All I can find on YouTube is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmLyMDyCbto
And it doesn't have the full swing

Hosoi Archives says:

Used to be so good

Mike Rodrick says:

1 mistake I was making was in the backswing is that I wasn't creating any space between the grip & my body by not extending my arms which was cutting down the size of my arc & costing me distance.

Hat_Dancin says:

How do these pros never bend their left arm?! I see it over and over but I can’t make my body do it! If I don’t bend my left arm my club just sticks out, it doesn’t curl behind me! I gotta figure this out lol!

Yunki Cho says:

how is yunki cho so good at the game like get off the game

importkustomz says:

Drop the playback speed to 0.25x 🐐

chris871 says:

Would be nice if those two videos were actually the same shot XD

Auto Route says:

Absolute poetry in motion

Rob Mason says:

How does this only have 1.3 million views?

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