Tiger Woods son Charlie is the next Tiger Woods

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Ron Miller says:

And the "swing" goes on.

Yeo Wee Huat Huat says:

The problem with the clip…the mother are left out…the person who gave n sacrifice so much for tiger

rd47blog says:

Perfect example of why, early Black American Black Leaders. Preached against Blacks marrying Whites. The Black Gene would be lost, over Generations. Nothing like a Mix Race kid, to be a step above. Tiger's Mom, anyone??? Freshened Gene Pool.

Ikaika Maleko says:

Pretty nice swing!

Croiseeman says:

The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Sam Miller says:

Where is this kid supposed to compete? If I were in high school and saw him and Tiger walk down I’d just go home.

David David says:

a little overly dramatic

Jackie Phillips says:

Lil Charlie!

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