Tiger’s New Swing Secret Revealed 2024

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A rare look into Tiger's current swing thoughts… and a great drill you can use at home to get some of the same benefits in your game.

Adds 20-30 yards accurate distance

This 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” unlocks 20-30 yards more distance by leveraging a “hidden power joint” you've never heard of:

Watch: 8-Minute “Swing Cheat” That Unlocks 20-30 Yards More Distance

26 thoughts on “Tiger’s New Swing Secret Revealed 2024

  1. Yep. Years and years ago I read where Greg Norman had what he called the RPB drill. He would practice and always say to himself; Right-Pocket-Back. He was doing this move of getting his right hip deeper back.

  2. hi Zach, first time i watched one of your videos, this was really well explained and it fits perfectly for me, as I am struggling a bit with that on toes issue!. thanks!

  3. very good tip! cant wait to try it on in practice! the eraly extension is my biggest problem, HCP 16. looking forward to get much mor concistancy out of my swing 😉

  4. I hit a lot of pulls last summer, despite having a good backswing thanks to your instruction. This is HUGE for me, I tried it out in my house hitting a rubber golf ball (it's winter here in Toronto). I immediately noticed that when I get my weight over to a more internal left hip the club swings much straighter down the line, and for much longer. This is the missing element for me. Thank you so much, looking forward to a much improved game in 2020.

  5. At this range that I go to they have plastic chairs out on the driving range. I'll grab one of them and put it up against my butt and hit balls with it. Best drill ever and really works with me hitting the center of the face.

  6. Nice tip Zack. Being a PT and TPI certified therapist with a really bad back, I am looking toward a fusion and laminectomy similar to Tiger’s surgery in early July. So any modifications that I can make to preserve my game following surgery and rehab (about 6-9 months) is nice to hear. Hopefully this will allow me to continue playing in 2020. Thanks again.

  7. I don't know about that drill. I mean there's something about it that just doesn't look right, lol Maybe if your gay and looking to attract some other dudes… lol What ever, go Tiger. You the man….

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