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Chris Ryan takes a look at two of the putting drills that Tiger Woods used to use through his career.

Chris explains what these are, and more importantly what they will do for your putting stroke.

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Mark Creighton says:

Apparently this guy never heard of JACK

Mike Bello says:

It’s so simple if you want to be a better Putter practice putting and gain confidence through experience.

Trey Caldwell says:

Wow, non stop quality content from this guy! Thank you so much.

Rupert Toomey says:

When use one hand use to much wrist when demonstrating

Chicco Chiggx says:

Rules of Putting:
1. The element of putting all resides in the player knowing the weight feel of his putter, whether new or old.

2. Reading greens is paramount to the overall decision to choosing your line.

3. Gravity says alot; rivers always direct the final natural lie of a ball. Lower land scapes mean balls naturally have a fraction more of hold on grass than higher land scapes (usually sea levels determine such)

4. Learn to trust your line, not your side visual check, its an optical illusion waiting for the wrong hole for a mishap.

You are welcome.

Liberty4All says:

Awesome channel man, love all your tips and instruction. Already used your fade and draw videos with success and can't wait to try this as well. Keep up the good work!

Doug Zembiec says:

What do you mean was? Tiger is coming back

Brent Moody says:

Except Tiger did the gate drill from 3-4ft and would do it to make 50 or 100 in a row.

andy cummings says:

great drills had issues with putting so went back to basics …. better now!!

Greg von Seeger says:

An aspect that is seldom addressed when discussing putting..is how far back in relation to the distance of the putt and follow-through after the strike. Is it better to take the club back further for the longer distances? or is it better to strike the ball harder?

brown55061 says:

He was also one of the best green readers ever. His ability to judge long puts and break was incredible.

Andrew Brown says:

I need help with my putting loads it's so frustrating tee to green I'm doing well putting shocking! Will give it ago cheers for the advice Chris 🏌️⛳️💪

Brian Otoole says:

Im really going to enjoy doing the drills with my new spider putter aren't I Chris.😂😂

James Steckel says:

Great drills. I know just the putter to use.

Mark Towers says:

Hi Chris. I use the first drill often now and it's certainly helped me as I was always hitting off the heel. Have tried doing the one hand drill before but can't seem to control the putter head at all – more practice needed.

Daniel Mosias says:

The first drill is also good for keeping the head still due to the eyes focusing on the tees.
The 2nd drill is good for relaxing the arms and hands.

Brandt Snedeker says he starts the back swing with a very slight wrist break

Adrian Pennington-Sharp says:

Great! I've just bought a new Evn roll putter and my putting has gone down hill mainly due to the weight of it. So this drill will certainly help me. Please do more on putting. Keep up the great work.

demco84 says:

I like this drill. But doesn't hitting the tee peg slightly slow down the putter. THUS causing it to go a shorter distance.

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