Top 10 GREATEST Formula 1 Drivers of the Decade

As the decade draws to a close and we reflect on the past 10 years of Formula 1, there's no denying that we've had some amazing seasons, crazy moments, unforgettable races and some incredible drivers. In this video I will list my top 10 Formula 1 Drivers from the last decade, taking into account their achievements, talent and longevity during this era.

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28 thoughts on “Top 10 GREATEST Formula 1 Drivers of the Decade

  1. Looking back on the 2010s seb and lewis roles we’re pretty much reversed as seb started the 2010s as the dominant force with hamilton making bizarre mistakes but in the second half it was swapped around and seb made bizarre mistakes and Lewis was the dominant force and that damaged seb a lot more as the end of your career is remembered a lot more than the start

  2. Alonso is the benchmark. Never got outdriven by any of his teammates before leaving a team. Only drew against two, Hamilton and Button, who’ve been outdriven by their teammates (Hamilton outdriven in a championship!)

    He’s 9-2-0 , winning against 9 teammates, drawing against three(hamilton, button, and ocon….) and has never been fully outdriven by no one yet in his career. He beat champions, competed with champions with the car and without. And now he’s doing it again with a different car.

  3. I never espected a brit to put Vettel behind Alonso, specially talking about the 2010s, it's true that he never was the same after germany 2018 (sbinalla), but those 4 titles, although the car was incredible, were great, even a spaniard has to admit it, i think Vettel had a better decade. That said, i believe Alonso is better overall, don't know if greater cause Seb has better numbers, but in tearms of raw ability, i think he surpasses him. Even when Seb was at his best, you could argue Fernando was almost as good, Vettel was solid in his Ferrari days, but i'd argue Nando was more impressive when he was at Ferrari. He obviously was very impressive in renault, beating Shumacker in a car that wasn't always the best, plus he was still very good when he drove for mclaren between 2015 and 2018. And you are just seeing what he is capable of at 40 years old at Alpine, he has always been better than his car, plus has always beaten his teammate, Seb was bettered by Ricciardo and twice by Leclerc, Alonso was only ever tied by LH, and we all know how that year went. Even if Ocon finishes ahead of him in 2022, i think we all know he has been the better driver this year, between bad luck, reability issues and bad strategy decisions, he has lost 70 or more points, and sadly that's not even an exaggeration

  4. Nah. In terms of the decade. No way Alonso is above Vettel. Overall career wise, absolutely Alonso goes above vettel. But not for the decade. Vettel deserves p2 in this.

  5. 2010-2019:
    1) Hamilton
    2) Vettel
    3) Rosberg
    4) Verstappen
    5) Alonso
    6) Ricciardo
    7) Button
    8) Bottas
    9) Leclerc (for someone that came to F1 in just the last 2 years of the 2010s, this placement really is something)
    10) Raikkonen

  6. Haven't finished watching the vid yet but I'ma call it in no particular order that Hamilton,Vettel,Rosberg,Alonso, Raikkonen, and Button are on this list

  7. To be honest I feel like bottas needs more recognition since his time at mercedes has never been fair in a way. He had to play the role of wingman and he completely obeyed that and I feel like that is why he doesn't have that many wins and in 2019 he kinda messed up himself.

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