Ping’s Secret Driver Setting!

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This setting on the Ping G430 driver will help to try and take the left side of the golf course out of play. Stop your hooks!


goreyboggs says:

What if I slice? Like really bad!!!

Mugz_14 says:

Like to see a TM version of the sleeve please, most of us don’t actually understand how the sleeve works on are drive. I have the m4 from a friend it’s 12 degree (to high) if I dropped this to 10 would my face be closed or open🤷🏻‍♂️

Stuart Hill says:

What if you’re a lefty?? Please help 😕

Palmsy SNR says:

Don’t know a single person under 65 that uses a ping club

juggernaut0629 says:


Tom Hammond says:

If i have the Ping G425 and fade to the right, what would you suggest i change it to please?

Nick Lesyshen says:

Secret Ping? Literally every driver has a flat setting

McV1LLaiN says:

Absolutely awesome definitely subbing

Leslie Kahan says:

Thank you so much for this short and sweet tip! For most of my life I've hit my woods straight, but recently started going left all the time. Instead of changing the swing that I am very comfortable with, all I did was switch the driver and 3 wood setting and bingo, I'm straightened out and hitting far again!

Vine Button says:

Who are these freaks that miss to the left

Chris Wright says:

I been using this for a while, -1 degree flat irons, it works

Jerry Zimmerman says:

I did today! Not only was it straight, and effortless. Thank Mike, short and to the point. 0:26

JimmyN1 says:

What do I do for missus to the right?

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