Ranking every 2023 F1 driver from worst to best

The 2023 F1 table tells one story, but points are far from the best way to rank the drivers.
Every year, The F1 team at The Race sticks its collective head above the parapet to risk angering, or perhaps even delighting, the dedicated fans of every single driver to create its own ranking.
This is based solely on their 2023 performances, relative to the machinery. It’s not a ranking of the overall ability of the drivers to say who is best and worst – but evaluating how they did over the 22 grand prix weekends.
So this factors in everything from qualifying speed and racecraft to number of mistakes and consistency – and every other metric in between.
And it reflects not the opinion of one individual, but The Race’s whole F1 team.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Number 22
01:14 Number 21
01:52 Number 20
02:23 Number 19
03:03 Number 18
03:43 Number 17
04:22 Number 16
04:55 Number 15
05:27 Number 14
06:04 Number 13
06:44 Number 12
07:28 Number 11
07:58 Number 10
08:36 Number 9
09:16 Number 8
09:57 Number 7
10:28 Number 6
11:07 Number 5
12:02 Number 4
12:44 Number 3
13:23 Number 2
14:08 Number 1

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10 thoughts on “Ranking every 2023 F1 driver from worst to best

  1. The ranking is pretty solid but i think Hulkenberg should be ranked higher. Giving this qualifying results with this car was awesome and shows that Beat Zehnder is right with his opinion, that Nico is the best qualifier he ever worked with

  2. lol@Ocon above YS + Liam’s hype. Yuki was consistently faster & LL’s P9 finish that got him hyped was a P14 if not for 5 extremely unlikely DNFs. CL over LN & LH = pretty ridiculous.

  3. Charles fan here, but I wouldn't rank him 3rd over the season this year. In fact it has probably been one of his less brilliant seasons along with 2021. His best being 2020 with the tractor. I'd rank him somewhere in the top 5 or 6, slightly ahead of Sainz. The good things is he still maanged to impress with his fantastic poles against a dominant Red Bull and usually gave a decent display of himself. He's never fallen of form like Ricciardo or Perez to name a few. So I trust he will be back to his brilliant best.

    Also have to make a case for the drivers in the bottom 4 teams, as it was much harder for them to score points for them this year with a more competitive grid.

    The way I saw it was something like. 1.VER 2.ALO/NOR 4. HAM. 5 LEC but I agree with most of the list.

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