Top 4 Most Popular Used Golf Drivers | Trackman Test

At 2nd Swing, we know used golf clubs. This comparison takes a look at the Top 4 most popular used golf drivers available at 2nd Swing. Each of these drivers can still produce terrific results for golfers at a lower price than a brand new model.

Today's test features the Callaway Mavrik, Titleist TS2, PING G400 Max, and TaylorMade M2 drivers. 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Jackie Johnson use Trackman technology to conduct a head-to-head test to identify the similarities and differences.






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21 thoughts on “Top 4 Most Popular Used Golf Drivers | Trackman Test

  1. Great video. For me, the look of the driver is essential. If it looks weird, multi-colored like the Taylor Made, offset, any color but black, then I'm not even going to try it out. I had the all white Taylormade drive from 2012. I had no confidence in the driver. I need all shiney black head, no offset, no closed face. The other essential element is the right shaft. Stock shafts for drivers are relatively cheap. The shaft is the engine of the club. Invest $ into a really good shaft for much better results in feel, control and distance.

  2. I don't write a lot of reviews but I have to tell my story. You can tell by the star it wasn't a good experience. I had sent trade ins in to them a couple times and really only had to call to make sure I was given the trade in bonus. Not too big of a deal but a little crooked. this last one was a nightmare though. To day dishonest isn't correct it was theft. I sent in an entire set of irons and a fairway wood. The set was progressive and wasn't the same model all the way through. I made the mistake of marking one of my clubs as a different model. Rather than call me and tell me there was a trade in difference they just omitted it and now say I never sent it. they took a club from me and I don't seem to have any recourse other than this. The customer service people are rude and insist they don't do anything wrong. It is a hard pill to swallow but if it helps you not make my mistake I'm vindicated. They are not honest and make no bones about it. Do not buy or trade with them very dishonest!

  3. That’s amazing how consistent she is . If I could find a consistent swing maybe I could evaluate my driver. Which is my worst club. But I’ll keep grinding. Thx for insight.

  4. Interesting as I have tested these and other models and owned some of them except it was the 2017 m2 (probably the best driver I have had except a little too long a shaft for me), and it was the Titleist ts3 which suited me better than the ts2. Never liked the mavrik. Though currently use and live the epic super hybrid 2022 which has replaced my fairway woods. Judgement still out in driver and to find one that suits me. Currently game the pxg x+ proto – hit 90% of fairways but lost 30 yds carry to the m2! So am thinking about the epic speed given the choice of hybrid. Yet to test and will see what new releases come out including Titleist in autumn 2022. Cobras might be a good value option for some though as a leftie less around. If can find a driver that reclaims my 30 yds carry but with similar fairway hits that would round out my game and performance – and as a result wins and handicap too. Irons,,wedges, hybrid and putter all sorted excellent and in good shape. Only driver to resolve. Key as I no longer use fairway woods. Though on par 5s playing fir par two super hybrid shots including off the tee for my course strategy and hole by hole plan/map through Google Earth does the trick just nicely.

  5. Thanks. This is the video that really interests me as a beginner. Can't afford a fitting at this time. But, could try a used driver that is adjustable, and then test it to see what setting could be best for me. Sure makes a difference.

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