Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2021

What's your top 5, let me know?

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28 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2021

  1. Imo

    1: verstappen. Minimal mistakes, didn't buckle under the immense pressure from toto and Lewis

    2: lando. Consistent, clean. Few mistakes but overall a brilliant season.

    3: Lewis Hamilton. Too many mistakes for him this year. Very uncharacteristic for him. Shows what happens when you have an actual challenger. Reminds me of 2016 tbh

    4: Russell. P2 in a Williams and then p3 at Russia too… That's all I have to say

    5: mazepin….. ?

  2. My top 5:
    1. Checo
    2. Sergio Perez
    3: That Mexican driver on the redbull team
    4. The driver that won the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix
    5: Sergio Michel "Checo" Pérez Mendoza

  3. You hit it head on the nail when you said picking that #5 spot was tricky. I vote the same but I’d just cheat and say Charles and Fernando be tied at 5th best.
    I think when the car juuust ?? falls short of where you think you could push it at its limit, that’s when a crash or slip-up/disaster strikes. It reminds me of Max when he kept crashing years ago. I couldn’t help but see the similarities which made me realize it’s the driver pushing, but crashing because the car couldn’t handle their big balls (couldn’t figure out how to explain it so I borrowed some words from Kivyat). The car’s capabilities fall a little short compared to the driver and when he tries to get the car to his own level, the car basically trips over and falls.

    I’ve noticed how Charles just charges in there full on, and I bet in a couple years, we’re going to see a little less of that and instead more calculated moves, shifting from playing chicken to chess.

  4. I absolutely disagree with Alonso. He barely beat Ocon whose return to F1 hasn't been bright and he is praised as a top 5 driver. He showed his talent and experience from race to race and got good results given the machinery but having him in top5 while most people don't even consider Ocon top10 make no sense. Another thing is Gasly is really underrated, I think he was top4 this season together with Max, Hamilton and Norris.

  5. agree with every word pretty much besides alonso being ahead of gasly, before you started my gut said gasly has to be in there………….. not that my gut counts for anything lol great video as usual.

  6. I don't think that Sainz is so good. He is just very lucky and is in the right place at the right time whereas Charles is so unlucky.
    My top five would be
    1. Hamilton
    2. Verstapen
    3. Norris
    4. Leclerc
    5. Sainz

  7. I also think Ocon deserves a shout-out! He's a seriously underrated driver in my opinion. He might not be top 5 but I think his performances deserve a mention! He kept pace with Alonso pretty well, and Alonso is one of the best to ever drive!

  8. I completely agree.
    I think Alonso still has it, and next year he can be on the top of the car is at the needed level.
    Norris’ first halve of the season was crazy, the best of them all without doubts.
    Sainz was flawlessly this year, surprising everyone and proving again he is the most underrated driver of the grid.
    Lewis, I think we saw lewis at his best. We have never seen him drive with so much pressure and he did incredible performances.
    And of course Vers… he is the future god of F1.

  9. I'd have to do tiers. Not overall talent just to clarify. Just how this last year went.
    Tier1- great year
    Max, lewis, lando, carlos, pierre,

    Tier 2 – good year with some stand out race
    Charles, Fernando, estaban, mick, george

    Tier 3 – good races here and there
    Sebastian, daniel, valteri, checo

    Tier 4- poor year
    Lance, kimi, yuki, nicholas, nakita, gio

  10. If the title comes down to the two Ferrari drivers, I think Sainz takes it. Leclerc is not as consistent and id sometimes erratic. Sainz is a bit more Prost-y.

  11. Thanks for another well-thought-out video. Impressive (and smart) of you to keep your running list all season! Looking forward to all the off season content. I do find it interesting that the Abu Dhabi controversy has completely overshadowed the Spa controversy. You remember, 2 laps under safety car and call it a race… something must be done about the decision making processes in the sport.

  12. Lando (he's my favourite driver and he was amazing), Lewis and Max (for obvious reasons), Carlos (just amazing), and Leclerc (got unlucky a few times, but his performances dropped towards the end of the season). The top 4 (no order) were really easy with Lewis, Max, Lando and Carlos, but p5 was so hard.

  13. My top 3 driver.
    1. Max = 1 and 2 finish ( this absolutely madness)
    2. Sainz (first year Ferrari with consistent performance beating Charles)
    3. Gasly ( this guy love p5/p6)

  14. And if I’m being honest I agree with some of you guys in chat, Lewis and Max should be out of the picture, they did as expected.. blast through every one else, but for me Carlos Sainz has be to be #1, dude outscored Charles ? first year in the team ?

  15. 1. Lewis, 2. Max, 3. Lando, 4. Velteri 5. Sergio. 6 Sainz

    I'm a Sergio Perez fan first and foremost. I think Lewis is still the best driver ever in F1. Lewis won the last race…it was just bad luck. Its happened to Max too, its happened to Seb, Alonzo. Just bad luck for Lewis. Max deserves the Championship either way imo.

    Sergio is in my top 5 because he battled Lewis on many occasions in different races and held his own very impressively. He also won a race and captured many podiums. He improved more and more every race and was also key in several situations for Max.

  16. Nice list! My rank is:

    Max should have been #1 but loses it for his dirty driving. The stewards let him get away with it so many times, that he continued it, which brought him down the rank.
    Pierre consistently out-performed that Alpha car, and Leclerc would be running up near the top when his Ferrari had no business being that high.

    Perez disappointed a bit with his poor qualy and lost race results, although his team strategy was responsible for many of those. But on race day, he was usually shining with outstanding passes, and his moments against Lewis were absolutely brilliant! This must also be compared to how ineffective Bottas was against Max, to fully appreciate Checo's performance against the greatest driver of all time.

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