Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2023

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Formula 1 Drivers in 2023

  1. 1) max
    2) alonso
    3) lewis
    4) lando
    5) charles
    6) alex
    7) oscar
    8) carlos
    9) gasly
    10) yuki
    11) george
    12) ocon
    13) daniel
    14) liam
    15) checo
    16) hulk
    17) bottas
    18) stroll
    19) zhou
    20) kmag
    21) logan
    22) nyck (deserved more time)

  2. This is such a tough task because it depends (for me) on what I expected.

    Top 5 best:
    1. Verstappen
    2. Alonso (This is vintage Alonso, and just very impressive)
    3. Hamilton (I was kind of shocked that he could have finished P2 in the standing, because there hasn't been much talk about him this year. I think he had delivered many very solid races, but always been overshadowed by somebody else.
    4. Piastri (This is because I rate Norris as a potential championship contender, and while Piastri was very good, he has massively exceeded expectations. He even got a sprint win. I cannot wait to see what Piastri will do next year)
    5. Albon (single-handedly beat Haas, Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo, massive drives like in Canada. And just super solid performances)
    Runner ups: Norris and Lawson

    5 worst (1 being the worst)
    1. De Vries (much hype and just never seemed to get comfortable. And this was made much worse when Lawson came in and showed how it is done)
    2. Sergeant (Very tough first year, but I didn't think he showed enough to earn a seat for next year. He was so so impressive in quali sometimes, think Jeddah. But he made track limit vialations that ruined everything. And I don't think he improved enough during the season. I expect he will have a tough next season as well)
    3. Magnussen (out qualified by Hulkenberg, the car was just shit and I expected more from Kevin)
    4. Stroll (Very clear to see the difference between an excellent driver in Verstappen and an average or even below average driver. But he finished on a positive note and also had a very impressive race in Bahrain. So there were some positives, but a stronger 2nd driver would have made a world of difference for AM)
    5. Perez (he still finished P2 in the drivers, but he made the most dominant car look average)

  3. I'd put Lewis and Fernando in 2nd spot interchangibly, although Aston's both highs and lows were more in the extreme, having Stroll as a team mate and having a car capable of podiums after a decade definitely hyped Alonso up. The bad thing with having a bad teammate is that you can't really rank the car and the driver accurately because you never know if a driver extracted the most out of the car in the race or in the qualifying. Lewis has made a few more mistakes than Alonso, but I'd say his pace and racecraft enabled him to minimize his mistakes.
    I still accept putting Lewis in the 3rd position, only for the qualifying tho. Lewis himself admitted that he was not up to par with his own standards, and there were quite a few races where qualifying below George caused him trouble. It's incredibly obvious that he has one of the best race pace in the field, imo only second to Max for this season, but he hinders his own results through qualifying. Biggest proof for this was Singapore, which was the lowest he has been since Jeddah this year, because he was aware that he probably missed the only chance for a win that year, and this was proven in the race day when he had a 0.6 difference in race pace to George with the same type and age of wheels(this still haunts me to this day. Watching George hunt down Charles through clear air was exhilarating, realizing that Lewis was closing the gap between him and George was terrifying.)

  4. It's been clear since 2007 it's that same guy who got into trouble for being that same same guy the real same guy if he gets the right car guys its bye byes Hamilton guy

  5. Max, Alonso, Sainz, Yuki, Albon are probably my top five

    Max should be obvious why
    Alonso just how consistent he was throughout the season
    Sainz only none Red Bull win and that win was a master class
    Yuki I feel like finished in 11th almost every race in the beginning of the season with that tractor of the car
    Albon same reason as you pretty much

  6. In 2023, Lewis is in a close points battle with Perez, while Max finds himself in a position similar to Bottas in 2020. Remarkably, Max has single-handedly earned enough points for Red Bull to secure the Constructors' Championship, just as Lewis did for Mercedes in the 2020 season. Despite Mercedes' dominance in 2020, Max won the Driver's title in the 2021 season. Now, in 2023, with Red Bull's continued dominance, I am hopeful that Lewis will seize the title from Max in the 2024 season, securing his rightful 8th championship. We had a close fight in 2021, but Max barely edged out Lewis (although that's up for debate, and Lewis would never have lost the title to Max if it weren't for the Abu Dhabi GP controversy. Although luck is also an important factor, I guess). Now, I am hoping Mercedes delivers a car worthy of Lewis, so we can have a close fight in 2024 with Max/Red Bull, and Lewis edging out Max this time for the title.

  7. I have been following you for a long time and more and more youre beciming my favourite f1 commentator and I find myself having to agree with you almost all the time.

  8. I think sainz season was underrated, the only driver to compete and beat redbull when had the car as seen in monza qualy and Singapore plus very bud luck in Qatar and Las Vegas and some cruel sanctions like the Australia. Overall lost like 35 points. However he had a very poor start to the season same as lecrec

  9. I think we also have to mention these drivers for the work done in 2023
    1. Charles Leclerc
    2. Carlos Sainz
    3. Pierre Gasly
    4. Yuki Tsunoda
    5. Oscar Piastri
    6. Liam Lawson
    These drivers have also done some pretty decent jobs at their respective teams as well

  10. The easy team mate thing is getting misused. It doesn’t matter how easy ur team mate is when we are talking about podiums wins and WDC positions. You still have to be the other 18 drivers on the grid regardless of who your team mate is. So Albon and Alonso’s performances are no less impressive because of who their team mate was…imho

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