8 TaylorMade Drivers Ranked: 2016-2023

I rank the last 8 years of Taylormade Drivers! From the 2016 M1 all the way to the 2023 Stealth 2… which driver will stand alone as THE BEST TAYLORMADE DRIVER!

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I’m Andrew Jensen, a former full time touring professional that played on PGA TOUR Canada, Latinoamerica and almost every North American based mini tour since 2008. I want to use my playing experience to inspire golfers to improve their own game and have more fun with this amazing game we play!

29 thoughts on “8 TaylorMade Drivers Ranked: 2016-2023

  1. TayolrMade R9 460cc driver is still a great driver for beginner/intermediate golfers. Great list though! I doubt I’ll get into collecting heads, but who knows. If my game improves to the point where I need every yard to be competitive, I’ll end up picking up every new club head for my driver…irons may be a different story, lol.

  2. I was tempted to buy the stealth 2 and replace my current sim 2 but ive only had the sim2 for 1 year and it hasn't let me down. I tested both the stealth 2 and sim 2 on both the simulator and course and i found them both very simulor and not one really out performing the other. Im keeping my sim2 dont see a point spending 600$ for a brand new driver for the same exact performance. But i will say the stealth 2 is deffinatly a big jump up from the stealth 1 since the previous model i found less forgiving.

  3. Great video very entertaining. I was wondering? Will my M5 TM shaft fit other TM driver heads. You answered that right away for me .
    I'm considering buying a different TM head now . The M5 lost ? horribly.
    I long suspected this . Although my club head speed isn't above average. I think the few MPH I can gaine from newer tec is worth the upgrade.
    Not sure if SIM 2 or Stelth 2 is worth the difference in price ?

  4. 7 years apart and the M1 is still keeping up. For the average golfer, there's zero difference between them, but where modern drivers will probably help is off centre hits over a season and strokes gained, but with that said, an M1 in the hands of someone who can learn to hit it and find a fairway can't be discounted.

  5. Would love to see you get OnCore to send you out a few dozen boxes just for this test. Range balls are terrible for this stuff but I do think the results are fairly accurate in their performance compared to the other drivers. Just not "real world" numbers unfortunately. Or just redo this in the sim room with your gamer ball and see what happens.

  6. I think the difference in club head speed needed to be addressed. To me, that shows an inherent bias in your swing favoring the newer club. This probably has to do with you being more familiar with it compared to the other club heads. Driver technology and/or USGA regulations haven't advanced to allow for more distance in a while. If you can get a driver properly fit for you and dial in the weights etc you can still game an old driver.

  7. How are you only carrying around 250 with 160 ball speed.. doesn’t make sense unless you’re massively missing the middle of the club face

  8. Started with M1 and went through each gen until SIM 2. M4 was only one I really didnt like. Not sold on the Stealth carbon face but do game the stealth 3W.

  9. I THINK you could add some serious distance to your drives if you weren't so far inside on your backswing / take-away. You might benefit from the drill in which you hold the club at perfect take-away, and swing from there.

  10. Interesting that you say the new equipment has more speed, and then contradict that statement in the next line when you say I’m warming up. Get your story straight, is it the new technology or you?

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