TOP 5 FORGIVING drivers for mid to high handicappers 2023

TOP 5 FORGIVING drivers for mid to high handicappers 2023 You won't expect this one in their! Let's go through all the major golf brand of 2023 and see what is the MOST forgiving model in each brand! The top brands include: Callaway Golf, Cobra Golf, TAylormade Golf & PING golf but within each brand they have different models that will allow you to hit your driver longer and straighter and making the correct driver decision will help you do this

TOP 5 FORGIVING drivers for mid to high handicappers 2023 – Callaway paradym, Cobra AirJet, Taylormade Stealth 2 & PING G430! Alex Elliott talks through the best forgiving drivers for mid to high handicappers for 2023

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12 thoughts on “TOP 5 FORGIVING drivers for mid to high handicappers 2023

  1. Got fitted 2 weeks ago for the Ping G430 max. I really wanted the Taylormade Stealth 2 but found I couldn’t hit it worth a crap. Lol. The Ping works for me amazingly!

  2. I only buy Titleist. I went to the Titleist Performance Institute in 2019 and was fitted for the TSi2, however it wasn’t my favorite driver. I now have a TSR2+ that I use as a driver and I still hit it as far or further than most people’s actual driver.

  3. I am brand agnostic. Old driver is a Ping G425. I play both Ping and Callaway fairway woods and hybrids, Titleist irons, Cleveland wedges and an Odyssey putter. Recently tried the Titleist TSR1 driver. It as solid and very forgiving but later traded for the new Ping G430 HL. I’m a senior and the HL is perfect for my <90 swing speed.

  4. I went in dead set on the Paradym as most of my clubs are Callaway and I was upgrading my from Mavrik. Turns out the Ping G430 Max was my best option no matter how many swings I took. I wanted to have the new carbon Callaway but I couldn't deny the numbers and how much straighter I was hitting it.

  5. I got fitted for a driver last year for the very first time 8HC 46M. Unless I have a significant change in my swing that may be my last. I am however trying to change my swing as I am 5 to 8 degrees negative angle of attack with my driver. 155-160 ball speed, 3000s spin. I was fitted for Ping G425 LST- stiff (best results). I tried Ping, Taylormade, Titleast, Cobra brands as well as regular and Xstiff versions of the Ping head. It was a wake-up call, my swing is very inefficient.

  6. Alex, Regarding the Ping…the SFT is not really their most forgiving. The max has over 1,000 more MOI then the SFT. The SFT will DEFINITELY help those to help eliminate the right side.

  7. I was fitted last week and the best driver for me turned out to be the Wilson Dynapower Titanium. Tried several but the Wilson stood out for me. More distance, more consistency and very forgiving. Similar results with the irons, so looking to get a set very soon. I’ve been playing again for 12 months after a 25 yr lay off! Was a 19 handicap then but currently 35.6. Hoping to get back to somewhere near my old handicap.

  8. I would never recommend a brand demo day for anyone interested in a fitting. I had a terrible experience on a Mizuno demo day where I was rushed in and rushed out feeling like I had the wrong driver fit. Recently I went to my local club and had an impartial driver fitting which was amazing and impartial. I came out with the G430 Max with tour Stiff chrome 65g compared to mizuno demo day which sent me home with a reg 60g shaft. Demo days are ok but don't make your mind up until you have tried all brands.

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