TOP 5 DRIVERS 2022: Mid-Swing Speed Category

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In this video, we hone in on our top 5 drivers for 2022 in the mid-swing speed category. If you're in the 95-105 mph range – listen up! In the lab, we've collected 18,000+ shots with 38 different drivers to help you choose the best driver for your game.

Watch as we hit the range with some of our testers and get their quick-hitting feedback.

Want to go further in-depth? Smash the link and be directed to our comprehensive article.
2022 Best Driver For Mid-Swing Speeds Article =

Stealth+ VS. Sim2 Video Review =


0:00 Intro
0:52 Fifth Place
1:43 Fourth Place
2:31 Third Place
3:19 Second Place
4:16 First Place
5:18 Outro

Ping G425 MAX =
Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS =
Cobra LTDx LS =
Titleist TSi3 =
Taylormade Stealth+ =

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mygolfspy says:

What's your swing speed? DROP A COMMENT! 👇🏽

Raheem Barbour says:

Love my G425 max!

Neil Kimmance says:

Was Tour edge exotics c722 in the tests. For me and 3 handicap and 55 years young swing speed 100mph+ was better than any of the 5 'winners'

Raymond says:

100-102 mph swingspeed. Play TS3i 9 degree head down to 8.25 and really like the sound and feel but find it too much fade biased. Tested all new ones several times on trackman and took some demos out on the course and found that the Cobra LTdX Ls is easy to hit , long and straight and easy to draw or fade. The Rogue triple diamond LS disappointed me. I played the double black diamond several years ago and that one was much better. But could have been the stock shaft. I have a fitting with a Callaway demo guy in my local store next week and will see if his fitting can give the Max LS or the Triple Diamond Ls a better performance. And otherwise it will be the Cobra. My wife has a much lower swingspeed and already ordered the Cobra LTDX LS after a fitting on trackman and two rounds with the demo on the course. She gained 10-15 meter easily with the Cobra because her Titleist TS1 driver was too high spinning. So shows that also lower swingspeed players can profit from a low spinning driver.

Chris Kennedy says:

Now THIS is the kind of test i like to see — some normal folks, who have clubhead speeds showing they're obviously regular good golfers, but not wild monsters that swing it 110+ mph that have no relevance to me whatsoever. Thanks MGS!

Leonard Ellis says:

I’m with you Boomer, except I have 2 more birthdays with 85 last I checked. Be nice to pick up 3 to 5 mph.

Graham Fee says:

I appreciated this new format. Enjoyed watching the different “normal” people hit and review.

Monnymoon22 says:

The Ping G425 is very long and forgiving, great driver. Bought the PXG Gen 4 0811X when it was offered at $299. Just as long and forgiving and it sounds better. I also bought the PXG weight kit so I can move the different weights around to fine tune the ball flight I like. I found with the Ping moving the back weight didn't do much for me. Both are great clubs. My swing speed is 90mph.

Hopp Man says:

94-101 last time I was on Trackman. I had the Triple Diamond and it was long, just not forgiving enough for me. I now have the Rogue Max LS on order.

Zarlodious says:

Need high speed video please!

serendipityuk says:

I can not stand the look or sound of the Ping driver. Worst noise ever

Jake Shaw says:

Got fitted this week, 95-98 swing speed, and left with an order for the G425. The only thing I didn't like was the sound, but it was perfect otherwise.

inside out says:

Callaway Rouge ST Max D is no joke just purchased one and wished I had it 30yrs ago!

PastaPunisher77 says:

I’ve been playing for about 10 years now and my swing speed is about 100 but my power leak is launch/carry and the 425 Max has been in my bag for over a year. If you are a player that struggles with launch and inconsistent strikes then I have no doubt that the 425 is going to be over all the longest driver for you just because it’s efficiency is unmatched even on miss hits. Many people I know I have picked another driver over the 425 just because of distance and ball speed but not realizing the 425 plays so much different on the course than any launch monitor can show. I am consistently longer with it than any other driver I’ve ever played.

bama no1 says:

agree with the assessment concerning the ping 425 max sound. from the parking lot you could hear the loud ping of the driver from 50 yards away.

Jarhead 767 says:

+1 for the 🔸🔸🔸

Terry Holloway says:

Thanks my man enjoyed the video

john connell says:

I was very disappointed with this review. I don’t want to hear from your testers re their opinions. I would like to see what I read on the website (big fan). Testing numbers, ball flight over a number of testers with hard data, comparison of the 5 on accuracy using gc quad.
Using a guy who is a lifelong titleist player to review a titleist is not likely objective, even if he is trying to be so.

Jerry Smiley says:

I am excited to seeing the results for low swing speed.

Douglas Adams says:

90 swing speed

James Vaughn says:

I'm in this category, and I'm on my second season with the TSI3, no reason to switch anytime soon.

Matt Rogers says:

I'm right at 100 on average. I had it down to the 425 Max and Rogue ST Max. I hit them very similar – the tie breaker for me was the sound and feel. So much better on the Rogue. It's very forgiving and long.

Richard Riker says:

Would have liked a bit more on the con side.

Chris Yow says:

I haven't swung a golf club in 20 years but I'm moving in September and have decided I'm going to sign up for lessons at whatever club is closest to me, and then get fitted. Probably watched about 10 hours of your videos this week.

michael malafronte says:

Not my swing speed but once again you guys are coming through with good content! Keep em coming liking the new multiple shorts spread out over the month. Thanks

Kevin Wood says:

I’m in the slower swing speed category.

Ed Anzore says:

Seems to go really far?

Kyle Coultas says:

We miss Beach on the podcast!

TLRChad says:

I currently swing 116-118. Playing a LTDx LS.

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