In this video we're going to answer the question: “What golf driver should I buy?”

The truth is, there isn't a one size fits all answer. There are many things that come into play when deciding which driver you need for your game. We'll go over what these variables are and how they will help you find the perfect driver for your game!

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  1. Was thinking about changing my M5 and and went to my local Drummond Golf here in Sydney Australia and one of the staff said I don't need one just change my ball position and stay back when hitting the ball instead of covering it like an iron shot. Went from angle of attack 4.7 down to 3.8 up and flight and distance changed dramatically (like 40ft higher and 30m longer carry). So as Mark says a lot maybe consider instruction rather than equipment.

  2. I've got the Srixon ZX5 with an X stiff Hzrdus black 60 shaft. It feels great but probs doesn't hit any further than my previous 2 Srixon drivers! My favourite driver is my Biggest Big Bertha. I just love the ping sound it makes. Unfortunately it goes about 15m shorter.

  3. I just got the Callaway Epic Max on sale for $200 off the original price. Had to deloft it 1 degree, and move the weight toward the toe.
    It's the most forgiving driver I've ever hit.
    It wants to go straight from pretty much everywhere on the clubface.
    I can spend more time on short game now.?

  4. Hi Mark it's Paul , I just wanted to add l liked the ROGUE and the COBRA new drivers but at £429 their probably great drivers BUT WHERE DO THEY GET THESE PRICES

  5. HI THERE MARK. My comment is . A week ago I bought this driver after trying it in the shop on their thing , now my previous best in that area was 189 yds but on course 230 yds well I bought said driver and first hit on the 2nd hole the drive by me a 66 Yr old overweight golfer went 270 yds I have since hit it 250 254 and yesterday bear in mind it's just a week old and set at neutral 274 yds , on the par 5 . WHAT IS IT ? ITS THE MAVRIK . I DO NOT LIKE THE HEAD COVER BUT ITS NICE TO LOOK AT. PAUL

  6. Over my golfing life I must have purchased at least 30 new drivers and always the longest latest most forgiving ever !!!! Now 69 years of age and purchased a Honma Be zeal 565 2017 Model after my last Callaway Mavrik fitting and purchase. I was desperate and in 1 last effort I went for superlite forgiving again as advertised.
    For the first time ever for me it did what it said on the tin Eureka . If it ever snaps breaks or is stolen I plan to try a XXio.

  7. Hey Brah, good content as usual. My question is, what is a "good fitter" (and how do you know your getting a "good fitter")? I previously bought a set of Taylormade RBZ irons a good few years back from a well known UK retailer that brands itself as American even though it's British owned! I went in with a budget to spend of around £400 on a game improvement set after only ever having second hand clubs. I liked the look of the RBZ and asked if I could try them to see how they suited me on the simulator. They kindly took me in and I hit various irons from the set. At no point did they say "you are hitting them at X numbers and instead X clubs might be a better fit for you give these a try". I asked if the length and lie etc suited me from the numbers they were seeing and they basically said they could potentially move the lie angle by half a degree but give them a go for a few weeks and see how they go for you! I did buy them not really having much knowledge at the time of a good fitting and I look back now and don't feel like I have actually had a set of clubs custom fit for me and I was pushed out the shop with a set of irons which didn't give them the margins they were looking for. I am now in the market for a new set of irons but don't want the same experience as before especially when I am looking to spend considerably more on a set which can aid my game and help me get the most from my swing and speed to push my handicap index down as low as possible (currently 18.3). Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated. Thanks Mark and keep up the good work!

  8. Wow, as ever there is so much in your video Mark. I have always had an issue with driver due to a poor swing, longer club highlighted the issue. Having said that but the bullet and bought a PXG 0211 with standard flex 60g shaft, but length down 1 inch and 10.5 deg loft.
    Had a lesson with pro the other day, took lift upto 12 deg which closed face and hey presto hitting it much straighter. Too early to say if have lost length but on the 9 hole course I play there are 4 holes where driver can make a good difference and allow much easier 2nd shot.
    If I was being fitted would a 9 deg taken upto 10.5 be a better option?
    As you have shown a fitting can be an opportunity for a fitter to manipulate data to sell you what he wants

  9. Where do you stand on moveable weights re curvature versus matching up centre of gravity? If you generally hook the ball but live in the heel, is the weight more effective in the toe to assist face or heel to align with COG??

  10. I recently got fit for a Ping G 425 max by my local pro. I tested, the TaylorMade stealth, Callaway Rogue, and Titleist. Before hitting anything I was edging towards the Callaway and after hitting them all it was Ping G425 all the way (sorry coach!). It just gave me more confidence and the looks and feel really grew on me. I really did not like the Taylormade and Titleist. They key parameter for me in the fitting was loft. I tend to launch it high and in the past I have been fitted at 10.5 degrees which speaks to the fact that this was so wrong. Switching to a 9 degree gained me 20 yards. What is also pleasing is I have found these yards on the course. I can now carry bunkers I have never got over before and every now and again I sneak it past a guy who always use to hit it past me. I find it particularly amusing when I walk past him and ask what he is doing all the way back there??!!

  11. I upgraded my driver recently from the 2017 Rogue to the 2022 Rogue Max. The '17 model had a regular flex 50g shaft and the setting was a +1 draw setting bringing it up to 11.5°. I've been making swing changes with my pro and the new swing promotes a draw so my '22 Rogue Max is setup neutral at 10.5° which calmed down my tendency to over-draw. I've picked up 10-12 yards of carry.

  12. Really good unbiased info. Loved it. Last year, I bought a second hand Taylormade M1 (for $200) after seeing a video that showed its performance compared to one 4 years newer was barely different. The M1 has lots of adjustability which I thought might be useful to me. Distance against the driver it replaced was a bit better but not really significant. However, when I changed my delivery and started to hit up more on the strike… well… what a difference. Extra 20+ meters easily achieved! When my new distance settles, I reckon a lesson might be worthwhile to see if there is more untapped distance on offer. I love my old M1 and I'm enjoying what I'm learning with it along the way. Great video Mark, thanks.

  13. I'm just trying to picture someone who has recently taken up golf and is considering a new driver after watching this. I've been playing 40 years and you've lost me.

  14. Thanks, Mark! My driver is a Callaway XR16. Yesterday was the first time I had played in over a year and at almost 65 I 'm still able to get 230 yd. carry. With help of a 20 mph tail wind yesterday, I had one come to rest at about 330 yds. Nearly drove the green but coming back the other way I had a good strike get barely 200 yds. so I think 225 – 230 yds. (230 to 250 yds total depending on roll) is going to stay my average. If I can keep my strength and flexibility, that is.?? (Yoga is good for us old farts.)

  15. I have a TS3 but have a +8 weight in it and placed towards the toe. I also have an extra stiff Accra TZ6 counter balanced shaft. I am finally hitting fairways and no distance loss

  16. In hindsight, the problem I had was that when I bought my clubs I was working hard on my game/swing, which has developed and improved since – I wish I’d of waited a year or so to a point where the swing was more settled ??‍♂️

  17. Just went to a stiff shaft as swing speed was at about 100 with a regular. With the regular shaft I suspected shaft twist as consistency (probably a swing inconsistency) but the swing speed seemed apexed and I didn’t feel safe adding a power swing. Now I game a Ventus Blue TR 6s. Feels more stable but swing speed dropped to 95 mph. I feel more confident being able to add some power now. Trajectory seems a bit lower which I like. Gains in distance are nominal but feel good about getting to the target now. Any thoughts? Obviously I’m not a scratch golfer just want to play the best I can.

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