► Irons expert and 3-handicap index golfer Joel Tadman has a wealth of experience testing irons and in this video, he has compiled a test of the latest models aimed at single-figure golfers. This comparison covers everything a good ball striker considers when choosing irons, be it the visuals, feel, ball flight and distance consistency. Be sure to watch to the end where Joel picks his favourite models and the overall winner, which may well surprise you!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Looks
02:08 Feel
03:48 Forgiveness
05:42 Performance
07:34 Verdict

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  1. I can’t have any offset. I find them too drawy, however I’m not a big hitter. 7 iron around 150 carry. So blade isn’t any good I suppose. What club would you suggest.

  2. I think the PXG iron is all round the best buy. Especially as lower handicap players might have more specific needs like a heavier swing weight. One of the lowest price on test. Free fitting buy Pxg trained fitters. Very quick build and delivery and on the fitting once you’ve got the right shaft the fitter can play around with the swing weight to dial in the feel.

  3. Yesterday I got fitted for new irons and I was looking for something like mizuno, titleist or taylormade. I play whit 5 hcp and I tested many different irons from mizuno, titleist, taylormade, callaway and wilson with many different shafts and ended up with these Cobra king tour irons with $-taper 120g stiffs. I never believed that I would go and buy Cobras but I simply wanted best irons for me and my swing. Those felt and looked amazing too! Cant wait to get them in my bag. Might take couple weeks beacuse got em +0.5" and 2 upright.

  4. i ordered the I230 in december and dropped to 10.6 h/c in not that favourable conditions at present.They are forgiving good height stop asyoud expect now but the spins very good with micromax not had fliers and feel as good as my old Jpx921 forged cracking club from Ping

  5. Anyone who selects a cobra when Bryson just left it… well I'll leave it up to you all. I picked the Mizuno and 790 for me. Just got fitted last week. Huge difference in m2-790. I hit 20 yards further and tighter groups 7 iron wise.

  6. Enjoyed the video. From what you said about the P770 and i230, it sounds like you might have liked the P790 as much or more than the i230, and more than the P770. Maybe do a shoot out on those?

  7. You listed the Wilson Staff CB in the dry ball data but didn't mention it at all in the review. Was it actually not included, or did it simply not rate a mention?

  8. Sounds like the PXG blade could've been swapped for the 0311t – which is more like the p770 and i230 in my testing.

    Still, solid overview here.

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