Top 5 Golf Drivers of the Past Decade | Trackman Testing & Comparison

At 2nd Swing, we know golf equipment. We know that many older club models can still compete with the newest releases in the market. In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and staff writer Drew Mahowald use Trackman to test and compare the #top 5 #golf #drivers of the past decade, including testing and comparison of the #TaylorMade SLDR 460, Cobra KING LTD, #PING #G400, TaylorMade 2016 M2, and #Callaway GBB Epic.

The decision to include these five models came from our staff's ranking of the top five used drivers from the past decade in our At The Turn newsletter, which can be found here:

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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Golf Drivers of the Past Decade | Trackman Testing & Comparison

  1. SLDR driver is just fine for me ,lofted it up as Taylormade recommend to do back when they had their loft up campaign ,and I am very happy I watched this video .The sldr driver will be staying in my bag for a few years sure .Thanks guys and always enjoy your professional advise and videos .Cheers Graham

  2. Hey, do y’all think that bc the M2 was 10.5° that it was higher and spinnier than the GBB Epic. Also the M2 has a steeper landing angle.

  3. Thanks for the feedback on all these drivers. I’m really considering the G400 but also on the fence about the Cobra King F9. What do you guys think about them in comparison? Thanks!

  4. Great video guys!!!!
    Thinking about buying another driver (I have a 2010 burner driver) and tossing up between an RBZ, M2 or Ping G 400 which are around my price range. What would you recommend out of those? Obviously RBZ is the cheaper out of the 3

  5. Kiddos to 2nd Swing for these videos. I love playing clubs from 2003-2008 because that’s the time I was playing the most – newlywed with no kids and large disposable income for golf. Realized that when I got back playing in 2015/2016 a lot had changed in drivers. Gone through Ping G30, G SFT and G400 Max and Taylormade M2. All amazing and at today’s prices on 2nd Swing I can purchase 2 at a time for less than a new one and later trade it for something new once I feel like I can justify it within my game.

  6. Funny… I’ve gone through/ tested a lot of drivers in the last 5 years (much to my wife’s chagrin ?)
    But keep coming back to my Titleist 910 d2. Something about the feel of that club…
    Does probably spin a little much but keeps staying in the bag.

  7. This videos alone was enough to make me subscribe. Thanks for showing value and performance can be had for the budget minded golfer. I know my swing speed or mechanics aren’t equal to this golfers but it shows me that I need to spend money on lessons not clubs. This is very appreciated.

  8. Very interesting as I have always found it difficult to find a driver I like and have confidence with re consistency and reasonable distance as a senior. After moving from the ping g30 to the ts2 I thought I might have found something but was mistaken. The club that performed for me though I did not buy it (yet- maybe now that the price has fallen considerably also as a leftie) was the pxg gen 2 but with a customised counterbalanced shaft the fujikura Ventura 5r (another 200 bucks for the shaft). However I went around to see what was around from older clubs and to my surprise I ended up with the ping g400 lst 8.5 degrees which I am finding reliable and decent so good to see this is the mix. Never found an m2 leftie so did not get to try it nor a gbb epic though a new epic flash also seemed good but did not want to spend that much on it as am holding out for the pxg.

  9. Just got a G400 for $230ish.. cant rememeber exactly but within $10 of that price either way. Also got the 3 wood. From videos its apparently easy to hit that off the grass which will be new for me.

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