Top 5 Forgiving Drivers For Mid to High Handicaps of 2020?!

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Top 5 Forgiving Drivers For Mid to High Handicaps of 2020?! 2020 has been a huge year for new driver releases, but which are the most forgiving drivers for mid to high handicap golfers? What are the top 5 forgiving drivers? The Titleist TS2? Titleist TS1? Mizuno ST200? Callaway Mavrik? Ping G410? Ping G425? Cobra Speedzone? Taylormade Sim? Wilson D7? Srixon Driver? PXG driver? in this video I talk you through my top 5 forgiving drivers of 2020 and in my opinion which would be best for mid/high handicap golfers in 2020. which driver should you play? which driver should you buy? lets find out… and lets do not now!

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James Robinson Golf says:

Come on then guys… what did I get wrong? Let’s discuss… (nicely) 😂⛳️🔥🎥

Ben Brabbin says:

Awesome video. Litterally had all the drivers I was considering and I was leaning towards the Cobra as I loved the F9 I just cracked and Im hoping for a little more forgiveness in the next one.

Edward Hutchinson says:

The Titleist TSI

Edward Hutchinson says:

I am looking for a new driver to replace my Taylor made R9. My top five are Tour Edge C721 , the new Cleveland XL, the Mizuno ST, Ping G425 and

Anomie says:

I hit my 3 wood better and further than I hit my Big Bertha driver. Now the big bertha, I had it shortened by a 1/2 inch and a stiff shaft added. When the shafts are wippy it throws off my rhythm and who know whats going to happen. That was my attempt to correct my worse club my driver. I never know where it will go. Is there a formula to use a shaft strength at a certain swing speed. ?

Don Wongjohnson says:

Honestly I’ve always used Taylormade drivers but have tried others and I will say they are not forgiving

6speed Sti says:

read your comment section and it appears this is not a Camaro vs Mustang type thing. my God …. preferences all over the place

Jacques Hollands says:

Am I the only person who finds his constant "getting in your face" with the various clubs and hands irritating? It makes for uncomfortable viewing. A real shame, as I would watch more of his videos as his content isn't bad. Just his presentation skills suck. I couldn't like his video for this reason, but at least I didn't dislike it either.

Harz77 says:

Got a decent set of
Clubs but my driver is so out of date. What driver does everyone recommend? Also looking for wedges as well, currently got cg14 wedges from Cleveland but does anyone recommend any others?

Billy Higgins says:

Thanks Tyrell Hatton

Jason Issel says:

I have read a lot of reviews that the cobra driver is cheap and breaks easily?

Frank P says:

Love the colour of the callaway , Hugo boss orange

Kevin Scott says:

I need to try that darn Cobra! Hitting a Sim now but the talk of the YouTube is Cobra 🤯

Russell Ward says:

James, What do you do with all of those drivers you test? Are they retired to a closet ? Are they offered to your subscribers as Promo giveaways? Or for sale as used clubs? Or returned to the manufacturers ? Here's a suggestion… to save postage, how about shipping the driver head only to lucky subscribers . We already have shafts, so this would be practical and get you many more subscribers. So if you like that suggestion, the Mizuno ST200 please!!! 😁👍

Ken Mosimann says:

It was a good presentation of top clubs

Sodthong says:

Wilson D7 outstanding for me, great price too…




if the big birtha b21 was out when you made this video then in my opinion it should be included because it will stop people slicing a bit also giving confidence to the hitter

Decker Hansen says:

Just tested the Callaway and ping. Went with thr ping g410

Marc says:

I think the BB21 driver should be in the top 5 as well as the PXG 801 XF Gen II (for fortunate golfers).

Shane Deel says:

I was looking at the b21 big Bertha.

Kym Stock says:

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo. Everyone thinks I play a Ping , but it it was less than half of the Ping price. Why are the Mizunos so expensive in Oz? It can't be freight costs, we are closer to Japan than Europe is.

Brian Smith says:

Top 5 I would think: 5. Mizuno st200 4. Callaway Maverick Max 3. Ping 410 g410 2. Cobra Speedzone extreme 1. Taylormade SIM Max

Harmsen zockt says:

I would like to test a wilson D7, heard a lot good about them. Also dont like the maverik, more into the epic stuff. Greetz from germany

Dan Sandford-Smith says:

Think I’ll be upgrading my f8 to the speed zone extreme now the Rad is out.

Chuck K. says:

If I’m still going to be a mid to high handicapper after all this, give me the cheapest one…price does matter

Matthew Colelough says:

I've committed to the cobra speedzone havent hit it yet (Christmas present)

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