TOP 5 Irons for MID Handicap Golfers! (The winner is..)

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0:00-2:25 : Intro
2:26 : #5 TaylorMade
6:49: #4 Cobra Forged tec
10:06 : #3 Mizuno Hot Metal
13:56 : #2
20:17 : #1
24:41 : Outro
Trevor and Tayte engage in a comprehensive assessment of 5 golf irons tailored for mid handicappers. This extensive video is brimming with invaluable insights, promising a gratifying viewing experience. The duo eagerly shares their astuteness acquired through personalized fittings with each of these club sets. Can this video help your decision-making for your next iron selection? More videos incoming! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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18 thoughts on “TOP 5 Irons for MID Handicap Golfers! (The winner is..)

  1. Thx for the review. RE: Handicaps; I've been low ( 7 ish ) and now consider myself mid ( 10.5 ) and have spent a lot of time as high ( 14 or over ) but the terms ( low , mid, and high are a bit vague and ambiguous. Are there industry standards on where the demarcations actually exist between low, medium, and high? If you ask a PGA pro- or a 36 handicapper; Though they have very different perspectives from living on opposite ends of the spectrum, it shouldn't change the definition of ( low , Mid, High ) So where are the two lines. at 7 and 14 ? Or are they fuzzy like adding a "give or take" of a couple to a few strokes ( IE; from 5 to 7 ish is the line between low and mid and from 12 to 15 ish is between medium and high?) . Or is anything single digit low and anything over 20 high. at a 10.9 currently, I'm wondering if I even qualify to consider myself a mid to low handicapper?? Are these mid handicap clubs right for me or am I dreaming? I currently play the Taylor SIM clubs because when I bought them I was a 16 and considered myself a Mid to high handicapper. Which was I at the time?? I know club buying is more about trusting one's self and the feel of the club demo but If one is having a good or a bad day, its hard to know if they will be right over the long haul. But your handicap tells the story of what the long haul actually is sooooo. So perhaps its good to trust what the experts can assume about our game simply by one's index. So what are the definitions within the industry?? At what point should one ditch the forgiveness of a game improving iron and start looking at these forged and filled blade looking irons? And what would you consider a 10.9?….. a Mid handicapper? OK fine I'm a mid handicapper for now but at what point will I have crossed the line to become a low handicapper once again? Those lines have always been a bit fuzzy, thanks for any help with the definitions.

  2. Is 33 degrees on p770 really “strong lofted?” Not these days. Thats pretty normal or even under most. The p790s are stronger. Actually, so is every club you demoed, especially those HMP

  3. Absolutely.. No one gives a rat's ass what club is in anyone's bag. Only thing golfers care about is can they play golf and keep they up with the Pace of play. PERIOD.

  4. Man I wished I lived out by you guys! Thanks a sweet set up you guys have! Would love to test out the PXG gen 6, but I love my Mizuno JPX 921 forged irons! Love the videos!

  5. I bought srixon zx5 about a year ago. I didn't want them. I wanted p790 or Mizuno. But bar far it has been the most consistent iron I have ever owned.

  6. The Hot metal pro’s are really good irons but you’re right about if you hit one center it’s going to fly. That’s why i can’t play them even though they are so easy to hit.

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