TOP 5 most FORGIVING Irons for Mid/HIgh Handicap Golfers of 2021

Which irons are the best five for forgiveness and game improvement for mid handicappers and high handicappers. In this video myself and 18 Handicap golfer Miles go through the top five that are available this year.

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19 thoughts on “TOP 5 most FORGIVING Irons for Mid/HIgh Handicap Golfers of 2021

  1. Wilson Launch Pads are hands down the best irons and definitely the most forgiving. Most golfers ego's will not let them like the clubs because of the large base and hollow sound. That is fine by me. I will just play well while you all can look cool losing?

  2. I got fitted a few weeks ago. I am around a 20 handicap golfer. I went into the fitting believing that the Taylormade stealth irons were for me. I tried 11 different Irons and hands down the Srixon ZX4’s were the superior irons… it wasn’t even close. I would have never even looked at those irons! So glad I paid for the fitting!

  3. I need to play a round with the father-in-law, probably close in age. Been playing the Sim 2 os max, with same results, 10+ yards and more confidence. They have been the right clubs for me, no regrets. I did go though a proper fitting and tried several of these clubs which also helps when I see mine at #5 and not think maybe I should of gotten one of the others, nope, I got the right club for my swing.

  4. Not following your logic. The title is MOST FORGIVING, but then you say this one or that one "feels better", "looks better" "doesnt look like game improvement". Are you evaluating "BEST ALL AROUND" or just "forgiveness"

  5. Hi Lee,just out of interest what shaft was on your Dcb,I'm currently gaming Elevate 85g in mine and do you think that is the best shaft for Dcb irons or would NS pro modus³ 105g be as good?

  6. Great and very useful video. As a lefty I am sometimes limited on my choice of clubs. I would add the Takomo 101 irons into the mix. I liked the Srixon ZX4 irons.

  7. Hi glad your making the videos again I see you sponsored by island green really interesting prices but every review I read relates to small sizing I’m 38 inch waste and 36 in a stretch material chest size is 46 xl can you throw some light on this would make a great video only thing stopping me purchasing is sizing hate returns .

  8. I generally like your content and I hope my comments do not offend, but these style of reviews are meaningless and best avoided. Basically you can put any of these style of irons in any order you like. The terms “feel” and “look” are by nature so subjective as to be meaningless. – If you want game improvement irons then the launcher halo would win hands down!

    The feel / look argument is best illustrated by the Titleist argument – you say it can not be faulted on performance and then say the Ping performs better! You also go on to say it doesn’t matter what it looks like it is performance that matters. You are not alone all reviewers are the same they simply confirm their bias.
    You also say the Scrixon looks good because it has a thicker top line and that is what those who select this club want. However you use the opposite argument for why the Ping is better than Titleist – it has a better look because they have smoothed off the top thick line!
    It is easy to compare show the numbers and select the best. The rest is bias.

  9. Hi Lee .. so glad you reached this conclusion as I’ve been fitted for these, they narrowly beat the Titleist T300 for me. I like them, not yet in love though as my 6 and 5 iron have very little gap, just like my previous set. This is the issue with fitting 7 iron only. If I had some data, pre purchase I would have got 6-AW and probably replaced 5 iron with a hybrid, or could have been fitted with a different shaft maybe..

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