Top Ranked Junior Golfer “Course Vlog” Part 2

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Golf Course Vlog” with “Top Ranked Junior Golfer” Davis Evans.


PathWayToThePGATour says:

Davis is a great player, but he needs to learn to keep his mouth shut about
college coaches contacting him if any of the schools find out hes screwed.
Its suppose to be under the table until junior year.

SpeedSnipe Graphics says:

u should do a what’s in the bag with his new clubs

parker rogers says:

Do a whats in the bag with Davis 

sean craig says:

Gabe, what’s in Davis’ bag? What shafts, lengths, etc. He clubs must be
shortened yes?

obrien184 says:

+PureSwingTV I’m looking to get some MTI gear.. the east coast needs to
get on board.. where can i purchase?

joe darby says:

Cocky lil guy he is. Maybe when he gets a lil older he will learn the
meaning of humble. Being humble would give him real swag. Hell of a putter

Golfguy076 says:

If a course is at sea level, it’s not playing long it plays normal length

MrAdamson07 says:

Gabe great vid. I love how Davis gets his hips moving to start the down
swing. This is something I have always struggled with and I would love to
get some drills on how to work on it. Keep it up!

PureSwingTV says:

Go To to pick up a MTi Polo at 40% Off! #MTi

Nomers says:

I wish I was as good as Davis but I am to inconstant to shoot the scores he

Rory Jackson says:

i think this kid needs to learn how to be humble and more genuine person.

Joseph Bernal says:

are the pants and shorts going to have your logo?

Ben Hoganblades says:

Kid has game. What happened to the other kid, the one who wore the derby?
How did he do this summer? That kid has a ton of potential.

Tyler Motroni says:

Awesome video dudes, make sure to stay humble.

butette says:

Davis, such a gorgeous controlled swing.

Nick Wright says:

Just bought some of your stuff on 18 greens. Looking forward to getting it

Cameron Lampe says:

I live 10 minutes away from Colorado states home course! But anyway I would
like a whats in the bag from Davis since he has different clubs

gavinoc4 says:

He seemed so sarcastically happy about Rice university

Jesper Rodin Augustsson says:

i wish, i hope my dad let me, but im about to buy a new driver

Andrew Schultz says:

Do a whats in the bag with his new clubs

Carson Postal says:

Whens davis’s birthday

Kelly Catarina says:

Do a what’s in the bag tha bag 

Finlay Bellingham says:

watch out karl Villips will get ya

Alyx Murray says:

What’s in the bag

Jojo Neck says:

what part 3

Jojo Neck says:

never mind

Thepro Golfer says:

Yeh can u do a wats in the bag?? 

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