Top Ranked Junior Golfer – Whats In The Bag – Davis Evans

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Player Profile vid, let me know what you think! Whats in the bag

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Allaluca says:

Good kid.

Alps P says:

So are those full size adult clubs ? Or have the shafts been cut a little ?

Alexsmoak808 says:

Cool. I like how he keeps it simple.

THEJAMZA12553 says:

Miss these types of bids gabe

Colin Smith says:

He’s one of those juniors who doesn’t think he needs the best gear and he’s
not cocky he’s quite relaxed I can’t stand cocky people so he’s ok

Ben Kisla says:

I’m 16 and I swing at 91mph with my irons and I was fit for a regular flex
shaft in my irons because it unloads much better and I’m getting 15 more
carry yards out of it which is awesome. How fast does he swing? Do you
think he should play reg flex? Not trying to start am argument or anything
i just wanna know what people think..He seems like an awesome kid and has a
great career ahead of him!

fred flin says:

You people are already judging this young kid…bad swing development…WTF
are you talking about. Go back to watching wrestling and leave the kid
alone. What would the genius who made that comment have said about Bubba
Watson when Bubba was 13? Lol.
If this young does make the tour he will have enough talentless pundits
tearing him down and apart, leave him alone. Whoever is posting this,
clearly you are doing it for your own edification and not his. Let him
play, there’s plenty of time to be ruined by the media when he gets older .

Matthew Evans says:

My last name is the same as his and I play golf to

Jack Whitsed says:

Good vid but some of the comments on this are hilarious, they’re all like
“I’m 2 and I drive it 355 is that good?” Lol

Jason Lee says:

50th. That’s pretty low. I can beat him and I’m 87

ReggieWHUFC says:

Nice swing, good young talent

Nathan Goldsmith says:

this kids a pussy i’d shit on him anyday

PGAboy says:

i love your videos 🙂 

MA Golfers says:

“Shut the fuck up” hahahaha

Christopher Campbell says:

shut the fuck up.
best thing ever. haha, great vid!

Julian Houston says:

This kid is great I’m 12 and all this does is strive me to get better!

johnnyd640 says:

Please make a vid with davis when u see him again

MrPiggys101 says:

im 13 5’5 100 pounds and drive the ball 240 with roll out is that good?

Gamer_HD272 says:

whats his handiecap 

No I don't want to change my username says:

Thank you for having me on here… Shut the fuck up.. lmao

CarNNNN says:

He wont make it as a pro bad swing development 

noddle monkey says:

I liked the Bunker experimentation and good way to end it”shut the fuck up”
great way to finish a meet!

Matthew Collins says:

Great kid, good skills and nice manners. Great short game and lovely swing.

Hunter McDuffie says:

How far does he drive on average? I’m 12 years old and drive 210 yards
consistently. Is that good?

lastuberman says:

I wish I could chip and putt like Davis. 

Cydia Tool says:

What do these kids shoot????

Ricky Harris says:

fuck, he is good

Taylormademad says:

“shut the fuck up” – Gabe Writer – Most inspirational quote of the year.

Strapper Nicks says:

Cool Sun Mountain bag!

sean craig says:

Is his clubs shortened? If yes, how do they keep the swingweight?

golfminja says:

oh, and don’t forget your bag of haribo’s…

jack reacher says:

i think i played with this kid during the golf season this year lol. does
he go to desert vista?

sai venkat says:

which course is that ????
which country and place???
ppls tell….
does movemebt towards improvement sponsors davis evans and RJ

R Wilkinson says:

Great video. He’s been taught well. I’m going to show this to my own
son. Except for the last few seconds. Please don’t swear in Junior Golf
videos. They’ll be older and swearing soon enough, don’t rush it.

prince mqueen says:

this kid is not a top ranked junior golfer, he played 15+ for 3 rounds and
hes ranked T102 at callaway junior world golf championship and i played -3
and im at T6 and hes not a top ranked junior golfer btw(prince mqueen is
not my real name)

xStangel18x says:

What kind of shoes does Davis have?

Matthew Beaumont says:

I wish i could have nice clubs like that and a rangefinder etc

Andy Cave says:

It was all going on great and serious… Then came 8:31!! Good vid

Derek Crum says:

these videos are great! Toby should be next player profile

xP3anutsx says:

Theres a kid whos a freshman now that goes to m school and hes a scratch
golfer and wins varsity meets 75 percent of the time. 

Jared Utsunomiya says:

Davis:”thanks for having me out here gabe.” Writer:”Shut the fuck up” LOL

Rory Williamson says:

What golf course do u play at?

EverydayHype says:

A little shy aha he’s great though

Joe Seaton says:

I graduate in 2019 and play off 10 next year hope to be as good as Davis 3
is pretty decent for a 14 year old

Ripstikuk1 says:

What does the play of?

james martin says:

what a decent young chap. most young golfers are all douches, but this guy
seems down to earth and not at all big headed!

Golf Daddy says:

awesome, this kid has a great swing

Vincent O'Brien says:

where do you get adult clubs in kid sizes. My son plays a lot but he’s
short and I can’t find clubs like these at his size?

S Jan says:

these are great gabe! still do not understand the maths 🙂 with a 13 year
old playing in 20-18 age group 🙂
would be nice to see some vlogs with those talented youngsters playing some
holes to see how they look at course management.

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