Tour Response VS. TP5 & TP5x // Taylormade Golf Ball Comparison

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Testing the new Taylormade Tour Response golf ball featuring a urethane cover at a more affordable price point. How comparable is it to the premium ball offerings?

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


Troy22U says:

My swing speed is around 95mph any danger of over compressing the tour response

Anthony S says:

"they go straight"…damn I've been blaming the ball

Dj Dave says:

I'm using the tour response ball, its fantastic for control and feel.

Jamie Pegg says:

Great video. I’m curious, which would work best in the winter months?

rich ray says:

Played a box of the tour responses and loved them! Might be my go to ball after I get rid of my tp5's

metsman1983 says:

Do you guys cut and paste these videos or does Matt really hit every single ball dead straight like a machine??

Tom Janci says:

Played Tour Response for the first time today after playing most 2-piece balls (Titleist Tour Soft, for example) and loved it. I'm a budget-conscious golfball buyer, more than anything. One day playing the 3-Piece TR and I'm completely sold.

super dad says:

Tiger doesn’t play a Taylormade golf ball despite being a Taylormade guy. That’s all I need to know

Mikko Imp1 says:

They should try different names other TOUR something….tour response -speed -soft, Q Star Tour etc etc. For me that has always been my put off. TP 6 for example would be much better name for it for. I wanna play with premium ball and Tour…. doesn't do it for me…it sound fishy. Keep up the great work!

Golf Nut says:

When you judge the balls, on consistency, I think you fill find the premium balls are more consistent. That is, you will find very few duds in the box, with the premiums, whereas you will get more duds with the less expensive balls.

BlackWat3r GTR says:

I hit my TP5x golf ball 355yrds(7 yards downhill) with my R15 driver on Friday. I honestly prefer them over the Pro V1's. They feel better, have a better launch angle for my play and have great spin off the wedges…

NYC Person says:

Great review. In my personal opinion, TP5 is the best ball on the market. But, for the price, I think I will play Tour Response.

Wes Matsuura says:

Tried a sleeve. Good distance and feel off the driver and irons, it felt dead off the putter

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