Trackman Driver Test: Titleist TS2 vs. TaylorMade M6

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The Titleist TS2 and the TaylorMade M6 are two unique drivers in that they both are played widely on professionals tours by some of the best players in the world but they were also designed to provide high MOI to help average golfers who don’t always find the center of the clubface. Given that most golfers who are in the market for a new driver are looking for a combination of speed and forgiveness, the TS2 and M6 are always going to be two popular options, so 2nd Swing master fitters Thomas Campbell and James Tracy decided to test them using Trackman 4 to see how they compared in terms of look, feel, and performance and to see if there were any tendencies with each.

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henry kellogg says:

i’m deciding between these 2 clubs rn i’m hitting both around 220

D McMaster says:

Thomas jumping out of his shoes trying to get the Titleist out to the M6. The fact that he's using the same shaft is revealing.

Thien Nguyen says:

By far the best review I've seen on the net. Clear presentation, not diving too deep into the weeds of numbers. Thank you.

aemluck says:

Great numbers…I like it:)

jporter504 Porter says:

Silly question probably but how were you able to use the same shaft in the two river heads since they utilize different adapters?

jteddy11 says:

My main question is how did he switch out a shaft with a Taylormade adapter, to fit a Titleist head so quickly, is there some special uniform adapter that I am not aware of. Do any of you guys out there know how he did this, or does he have 2 shafts to test the 2 different brands.

Mange Larsson says:

Turning loft down on the TS2 will open the face, so that could explain some of the fact that he is hitting it more right.

B Johnson says:

I tested best with an 8.5 TS2…
I wonder how that would have tested out…

Milton Taylor says:

Square face compared to an open face.. dont really like that comparison. We know that the Titleist face angle is absolutely mortified. I appreciate that you said with a robot it would be the exact same.

Paul Bown says:

Some solid hits there. I was really surprised with the TS2 this year reminds me of a ping driver, maybe not the longest but a fairway finder.

Bryce Parker says:

Hey sick Thomas Campbell is the best! If you read this buddy those pointers worked out on that M1 driver I ended up buying. I RIP that that thing now!

mantisSbcc says:

Ts2 can’t even compare to M6 off the shelf and fitted. Talyormade new drivers don’t have the ball speed as others but anyone that has tested M5/M6 showed consistent ball flights

Skylar Steel says:

I’d take the neutral ball flight on the TS2 ALLLLL day. You know where it’s going. Lose 15 yards but hit an 8 iron from the fairway over a 4 iron low worm burner from the trees that like the left side of the rough with the M6

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