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Titleist T100 irons or Titleist AP2 irons reviewed and tested. This Titleist golf iron review will take a look at these two golf clubs and let you know what to expect from each iron. Choosing the best golf irons for your golf game is full of choices from makes like Titleist golf, Taylor Made golf, Ping and Callaway among many others making sure you get the best iron for your golf game is about getting a fit and going with your needs. Titleist T100 has been popular on the European tour and the PGA tour with its older brother the AP2 also being used by many golfer around the world. Can the T100 really be any better and can it help you play your best golf and hit more greens with your iron game.

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Create says:

I bought a second hand set of 917 ap2s after getting back into golf after 20 years. My last set as ping i2s years ago and I love my ap2s for the price (£450) 4-pw and I also bagged a 50 gap too which I use a lot so loving them. I will be looking in the same range in the future, forged feel with forgiveness, awesome range.

daniel stone says:

Great video. how are you a high spin player you flip it and your numbers are consistent with the loft you are hitting ? Interesting.

Prima Facie says:

Mince: I don’t listen to you ?

Nathan Xuereb says:

is this a review of the clubs or all about Dan?

David Gilliam says:

Just tested these 2 yesterday. The 718 ap2 felt heavy/clunky in comparison. T100 suited me better, so i bought them. After a range session today, I love them already. Not buttery soft but I think the feedback is more valuable.

Collin Wright says:

The most recent set of clubs I bought was the 710 AP1's when I was in high school. Since then, my game has shifted and I've gone from playing Bogey (or more) golf to averaging around a 12 handicap. I bought my clubs when I was still hitting a hard fade, but got some lessons and have a consistent draw. I've been looking into getting a new set of clubs for a while, but I'm not sure if I should be looking into forged irons like the T100's. Would anyone be able to say if they're good for someone who's around my skill level?

A Nomad says:

what iron did you use? a 7-iron??

yakkyuu12 says:

What Dynamic gold shaft do you have in them? what flex?

John D says:

Wonder if a T100S data test in the future?? That might be a sweet spot for folks on the fence with P790 / i500 /MP-20 HMB crowd? With Titleist adding their T400 and the T100s, they are clearly trying to establish themselves cross the entire market with their mainstay MB / CB and now T series! (RIP APs 🙁 )

Jacob McCain says:

I think I'm going to the T100S bent 1 weak this year. Loved the T100s last year but they were a bit shorter than my current Srixons. T100S fixes that and being able to bend it weak takes a bit more offset away.

Steve strang says:

I play the AP2s and love the feel. Unfortunately a new set of T100s is $1300. I’ll stay with my AP2s

Craig Berry says:

You are spanking them

Sven Hallauer says:

Tested the AP2 and didn't like the look and feel of the club. Not looking for a new set at the moment, but I'd give the T100 a try.

gillyman 715 says:

I ordered the t100 4 and 5 iron 6-pw mb. U500 3 iron as well. The t100 feels amazing.

Paul McGee says:

Titleist not sharing all the specs.

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