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β–Ί Feeling disconnected? Scooping at the ball? Struggling with your ball striking?

This is the one video you need to watch NOW to upgrade your golf game.

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Steve Miller says:

When I try this drill it’s amazing how my right arm stays on plane on both the backswing and down swing. It’s natural too. I would love to see a video on this. Thanks Steve.

Andrew Carroll says:

I really enjoy your videos. You explain everything very well and provide excellent tips to help correct flaws. Winter is almost over for me and looking forward to getting to the driving range.

Harold Pohoresky says:

This is really also about radius management throughout the swing for more consistency.

Hugh Jass says:

Does this help chipping?

Paul Cascio says:

Kerrod is one of the best instructors on the internet. His lessons are concise and logically explained. Thanks.

1675578 says:

I connected my right arm to my body today and experienced the best results ever.
This tip produced ball contact consistency and distance I didn’t think was possible. Thank you Kerrod.

Rupert gill says:

This drill is great

J T says:

Love your site! Simple explanation of detailed movements! Nice work.

Chuck Sprenger says:

Fantastic video the best ive seen

Cliff Smith says:

Tremendous drill. That’s clearly one of my issues. I took it to the range and it made a remarkable difference.

Cliff Smith says:

Tremendous drill. That’s certainly one of my problems. Took it to the range and a remarkable difference.

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