West Lancashire Golf Club Part 2


West Lancashire Golf Club part 2 with Mark Crossfield and Matthew Lockey. Watch as the guys play around this classic links golf course in strong winds and see if they can hang onto par. This is day to of their Open Special golf trip to the Liverpool area and this is very much part 2 of a golf trip video. Play your best golf and have fun doing so with Mark's easy to watch and follow golf tips, drills and instructional golf videos.

16 thoughts on “West Lancashire Golf Club Part 2

  1. Hi, I'm a junior golfer and I've just started YouTube. I'd appreciate it if you could please check out my first video and comment what your opinions and improvements, thank you!

  2. Those greens look in especially bad condition!!! Green keepers need to get there act together, I realise links are meant be rough, but grass less patches on the greens are unacceptable!

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