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WHY LAG HURTS MANY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WdtiUjHubU
Driver set up basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrdQz2ypYgo
How to Hit Better Golf Drives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLagZA2uzY4

Mark Crossfield golf professional is talking golf driver tips and what everyone needs to know about golf driver tips. Common pitfalls that are associated with golf tips and the common mistakes golfers make when it comes to golf driver tips and learning to hit better tee shots.

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  1. Great video. I seem to sky my drives a lot. I saw in a few places that shifting to far forward gets your club under the ball leading to a sky ball. If not hanging back, how do you avoid the sky ball?

  2. Thanks for a great vid Mark. So many of us are looking for that “one thing” that’s gonna make us hit 280 yard, dead straight bullets off the tee. If you could maybe bring in a few golfers with varying handicaps in order to demonstrate the different tweaks and how they impact Driver swing. Thanks for all the great content

  3. Great video Mark – currently trying to change my driver swing to get more distance and I'm sure I fall into one of these categories. Would honestly love to have a lesson off you, shame I live in the wrong country -_-

  4. I agree ? I went down this rabbit hole a few years back and had a horrible time with my driver and the rest of my clubs. I took a step back, learned the laws of ball flight and made strike king. I Slowly began to understand the type of grip that worked for me, proper set up for me, and started learning that my swing began from my feet and worked its way up the kinematic chain. When I learned to do this (with 1,000s of reps) my arms and hands moved in a way that was natural for me, and at a tempo that worked for me. I miraculously started to shallow out the club and flatten my lead wrist, shift my weight properly, and finish my follow through, all which squared up the club face for better strikes and faster speed. I now no longer think about swing positions. All I think about is the feeling I get when I move my lower body correctly and the tempo that works for me.

  5. Had to watch it a few times, but I think I understand it now. I certainly understand how a simple tip you pick up on YT can lead you down a rabbit hole. I have learned to take them with a grain of salt and not expect a miracle cure to a swing faulty from one single tip. Good explanation. Only one on YT that really takes the time to explain the complete picture.

  6. Mark can you do a video on techniques to hit up on the ball but keeping a good dynamic loft I just seem to balloon one driver when I hit up so loft delivered must be crazy…..cheers Mark keep the videos coming ?

  7. Love the way you present info in a more comprehensive way then just providing “tips”. Loved this video for making the case of match-ups in the swing. My last set of lessons (10 lessons) was last summer. I’m most likely going to take another round of lessons early next year. Best driver tip I can remember is letting the lead heal come up off the ground for a bigger backswing turn.

  8. I've been trying to hang back on contact and it does give a straighter shot for me, but I also feel like I lose distance, problem I have is that I feel like I get too far forward and then can't square the club face and its way too open, square on path but open, which gives me the straight start but big right, trying to work on it but struggling.

  9. The main thing I’ve changed is increasing feet width. Helps with hitting up at the ball. I used to have trouble with hitting down like an iron shot. Added bonus of giving a more balanced swing on most of my shots with all my clubs.

  10. COVID lockdown caused no lessons for a while. Eased back now so gotta book one in again. Concerned that coach was trying to make me into pga pro using images of tour players to show how should end up post impact. I’ll give him another go and see what happens next.

  11. This was a great video. I have definately suffered from watching a YouTube video and taking that tip onto the course without any matching up (as you describe it). I really struggle with club face control – are there any drills that you could recommend to help someone get to 'feel' the club face – I am mostly unaware of it until it is too late!

  12. Okay Mark. I am old timer but you talk so fast I cannot keep up. Perhaps that is why you can score maybe 92/93 and I score a bit more than that on a 9 hole Par 3 course. You are a show off!!! Just slow down a little bit so I can keep up GOSH DARN-IT!

  13. Thanks Mark. Last time I had a lesson was about 6 months before COVID started. Issue i have in Canberra, Australia, is that so very few professionals use a launch monitor at all. So it's sometimes impossible to get all the information required to see the other pieces. Grrr

  14. Mark, you have literally defined where I am right now i.e. "Going round in circles". So confused about what is happening in the swing as I have too many thoughts! Great Vid, thank you.

  15. So true. I have really been concentrating on what my face is doing and I have never played better. It really does work. Everything else is falling into place.

  16. Yes!!! I circled around for a while but I guess some of us need to do that to find out what works. My face to path is finally starting to look managed. Unfortunately, I wish I had more time for the range to work on managing strike…. So Mark, if you have any tips for working on strike at home I’d appreciate it. LOL.

    I guess my best tip is to go to a pro…. LOL

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