What GOLF CLUBS do beginners need?? [Golf Basics]

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If you're new to golf and looking forward to getting out for your first game but don’t know what actual golf clubs you'll need to start off, this video is especially for you.

In this video Donal breaks down (in simple terms) why there are so many types of golf clubs, and more importantly, which ones you need to start your golf journey.

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Strongsville Police Department says:

Very informative video. Thank you

zibani banda says:

I’ve learnt a lot from this video! Thanks

Egg Roll says:

I told my friend I would join her team so it could be a actual team for our school so thanks my man I really appreciate this video:)

Kym Stock says:

long irons ought to be left out of a beginners bag. Hybrids are the way to go. Hybrid-irons like the Cleveland HB Launchers are good to start with, so easy to hit well.


Enjoyed the video my friend!

Marz Little says:

Great video! Thank you mate!


Nice teaching. How I wish the volume is higher.

Kyle B says:

Great info, there was only one that my buddy has that I did not see and that is called a gap wedge, usually indicated with an A….. yes it's weird and should be a G 😆

frank scott says:

I been wanting a set of those Burner clubs for ever. I'm a beginner as I only have played a few times, but find golf relaxing and fun, but can't justify spending that kind of money on clubs.

Angel says:

This video is so helpful! Thank you 🙂

John Swanson says:

the fewer the better!

steinfi3 says:

Thanks for the tips

DanTheOkayGamer says:

Forgot the hybrid.

The humble Poker Player I’mnotwrong says:

Thank you so much !!!

Samir Pant says:

Thanks a ton, great info for beginners like me.

simone vannoli says:

A super thanks for ur video. 1 question.. how I do choose the right hight clubs? Thanks again

Steven Blake says:

3 wood 5 iron 7 iron 9 iron putter

neeny0 c says:

Thanks for the good video. Which fairway wood should a beginner bring?

Thomas Kemp says:

For a Newbie, I would add a hybrid like a 21 or 24 degree I find that they are even easier to hit than woods.

Hassan MG says:

Brilliantly explained for beginners.

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