100 YEAR OLD Golf Clubs… and BIG NEWS!!!

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Our eBay Store: https://ebay.us/NvZcc3
10% Of Sales Go Directly To First Tee Of North Florida

Current Listings:

Nike SQ Sumo 9.5 Degree Driver Stiff Flex Shaft Left Handed

Cobra Baffler Iron Set 7-P + G Lite Flex Graphite Shafts Right Handed

Nike Sumo SQ 2 10.5 Degree Driver Regular Flex Right Handed

Callaway XR 10.5 Degree Driver Project X 5.5 Regular Flex Right Handed

Adams Idea Black Super Hybrid 15 Degree Stiff Flex Right Handed

These Wilson Pinehurst irons are some of the oldest golf clubs we have ever seen! Can we even hit them? Can we make a putt with a putterball training aide? Did our subscribers try to kill us with these golf clubs? Lets find out!

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We Bought A FULL BOX OF CALLAWAY Golf Clubs At GOODWILL!!! (Crazy Thrift Store Finds!!)

We Had NO IDEA How Much This Was WORTH!! (Crazy Garage Sale Golf Find!!)


We Bought EXPENSIVE GOLF CLUBS at AUCTION!! (Did We Screw Up?)

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Hey there, thanks for checking the Stacked Golf YouTube channel! We’re Jon and Ashley, a husband and wife team of amateur golfers looking to share our love of the game with our viewers. Our goal is to inspire more golfers along with people who have never played before to get out on the golf course and have fun regardless of their age, budget, or skill level.

We find all kinds of golf deals at garage sales, thrift store, flea markets, auctions, online marketplaces, and more to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to start playing golf or upgrade your current golf bag. Along with our thrifting adventures, we specialize in reviewing the cheapest golf gear, gimmick clubs, As Seen On TV golf clubs, crazy training aids, and more to see if they are worth checking out to improve your golf game. You will also find course vlogs, golf challenges, and budget golf course reviews from our travels. We both love the game of golf and want to share our adventures with you.

Here’s a little about us: While most kids were watching cartoons, Jon was studying the Golf Channel to learn how to play and improve his golf game. He spent most of his childhood on the golf course and loves trying out new golf clubs and gear. Jon also loves to fish and kayak. If he could he would spend all his time on the golf course or catching giant bass.

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Ashley is a beginner golfer with no athletic background whatsoever before attempting to pick up the game of golf. Her unnatural ability to read the green has made her a great putter but the rest of the game is still a work in progress and we hope you enjoy watching her improve on the channel. She is also known for finding incredible deals and unique finds both online and at thrift stores and garage sales. Along with golfing and budget shopping she also enjoys trying out and creating new recipes and using Jon as her taste testing guinea pig.
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Stacked Golf says:

Thanks again Brad & Gina, Dmitri, Buford and Fidel for sending us the clubs!!

Our eBay store link: https://ebay.us/NvZcc3
Listings are taking a while to show up but direct links to our listings are in the description!

Alexander Villa says:


Kenneth Sponic says:

Always enjoy your videos. Can't wait to see your ebay site

Scott Dresen says:

Just curious, I sent you guys a two way chipper a couple of months ago & was wondering if you ever got it?

Gator Golf USA 🇺🇸 says:


dathyr1 says:

I play with several custom Thomas Golf hybrid clubs and really like them. Have had them for several years now. take care.

Stan Kappiris says:

You guys are the reason I got started with golf thrifting.
Very inspiring.
I have found some marvelous clubs.
Thanks for waking me up!!

Tim Chapell says:

I wish I had Ashley's alignment eye.

mikelob6707 says:

I believe they're pyratone shafts??? Well if I scrolled a tad, I'd have seen this was said already 🤦‍♂️

Alan Robison says:

Count me in as happy with the move to eBay. I signed up for the Mercari site because of you guys. Mercari is not the easiest site to navigate. Two thumbs up for me. Looking forward to seeing your site.

steve perry says:

i have an old wood shafted tron with a round head that's was made for hitting out of wagon wheel ruts, a rut iron i guess.

Barry Stepniak says:

Sorry it was my computer , the load music that is.

Eaglethree says:

Weirdest par(s). In high school practice on a 440 yard par 4, I was three under a pine tree 150 yards out. A skulled 7 iron rocketed into the pin about half way up and straight down into the cup. Would have been OB across a highway if the pin didn’t get in the way. Second was a par 3 in Columbus Ohio. Dumped tee shot in the lake, dropped on women’s tee and knocked that one in for a par…..helped out greatly by the flag which had slid down the pin to the ground and it helped smother the ball into the cup.

Bryan Keith says:

eBay for the win! Great vid! Stay out of the trees!

Mo bass says:

Great idea with eBay!!! Love seeing you guys grow I’m sure you will see some clubs get bought for a lot of 💰 💴 💴

Richard Ziolkowski says:

Just found 2 Tom Watson Adams wedges (52 and 56). Rounded it up to $5 for the pair.

Barry Stepniak says:

music way to loud, just saying.

Gary Clark says:

Hampton Georgia, think Atlanta Motor Speedway, South of ATL

Ted Lord says:

Followed your success since the beginning and you just get better and better, Great that I can bid on ebay now in the UK, God Bless guys.

Wayne Trinier says:

Nice of good old dad to help you kids out…Hahaha.

Mark Blevins says:

Congrats on the eBay shop.

TheStereoClub says:

I own the Sergio putter, Pat Simmons clubs and putters. TP Mills putters, a set of the Adams woods with the bimatrix shafts… this channel is confirmation that this is normal.

Joey Cameron says:

funny, i just picked up an Alien Wedge 2 last week from Play It Again Sports. I already had the first one so…gotta collect them all.

Steve Beck says:

I don’t even golf, but I can’t wait to see your videos pop up every day. I think it’s just the happy and positive attitude the 2 of you have that makes my day. Love what you do and always so fun and informative. Great to see dad doing well.♥️👍🏼

Mark Twibell says:

Love the video!!

ksharpe10 says:

I think a Spoon became a 2 wood, if memory serves me on that. Wonder what a mashy became. LOL.

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