What it takes to turn pro? + Advice for junior golfers…

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What it takes to turn pro? + Advice for junior golfers…

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


Tim Hayes says:

Peter, The best advise ever given "just enjoy it." I forgot that over the years, until I heard either you or Rick say it in one of your videos. At 50+ found I stopped enjoying it and was about to stop it all together. Started to enjoy it, and being a high handicapper, aint to bad, because I have fun with my friends and we get out often now. Thanks

Ollie Amos says:

Can you do an advice for juniors pls??

stephen birchall says:

Thought I’d clicked on the wrong vid at the start! Be seeing you ??! ?

SuperDuper Awesome says:

The only way I feel I can change anything in my swing is to use drills and feedback/analysis from my bad shots when playing. Don't like the idea of machines and instruction, but I am struggling to find a swing that is consistant ( even off 12 and been playing 35-odd years!!!)

Keith Corey says:

The Q&A videos while you are traveling are pretty cool. It probably makes traveling a bit of a pain, but this viewer appreciates it!

TCB says:

Thanks Peter for the advice for amateur golfers looking to turn pro !!!!!! I forwarded to my son (Ian-Thomas 19Y/O) who has been playing golf for 3 years and is currently a 2 handicap… He loves all aspects of the game and is turning that into a passion… I firmly believe if a person has a PASSION for anything they can achieve great things….. Hard work, practice, good coaching, work ethics are all parts of the building blocks of becoming great at anything but PASSION is what separate's the good from the GREAT!!! Great video's Peter! It's always a pleasure to view your videos and listen to your candid comments and humor on golf… It is refreshing and top notch mate!!!! Big Smile From Arizona USA

short game skills says:

im a junior

Ewan McCallion says:

can you do a more detailed video on advice for juniors?

Fred O’carroll golf says:

Hi I’m 12 and I’m off 15 I have no good clubs what gear do I need

Scott Ford says:

I feel like, the better you become the more understanding you have of the golf swing and watching vids and different teaching methods you can see what works for yourself and what doesn’t.

Tyler Brown says:

How often do you get ur iron lofts checked to make sure they havent changed

Hugo Bredberg says:

Could you make a video about the junior topic plese.

Lakshya Raj says:

Hey pete as a junior player i loved the words and got too much inspiration thanks peter you're are best?❤

Jesse Steffen says:

My like was for Murphy

John Ryan says:

Even for us oldies it's still the same message, practice practice practice – good tips cheers?

RedTail 69 says:

Are you Adidas boys(Pierce, Andy, Chris) playing a round over there?

Malcolm A. says:

Great vlog Peter; when I was a lad I wish I had been given the advice you just gave to the juniors. Good on you for taking the time to answer them and encourage them
Enjoy your time at The Masters!

Benny Frank the 3rd says:

good Q&A… shoud've taken the train LOL

Heindrich Dyer says:

Thanks pete I really really liked this vid. I see you like our South African boys??I would really like a lesson but as I previously said that there is vast oceans between us?

Matt Baker says:

Have a fantastic time Pete. Super jealous and am looking forward to your vlogs. Btw the haircut looks fantastic. Adidas are lucky to have you ?

Anthony Jones says:

I’ve tried to smooth my swing as I have a massive over swing (John Daly has nothing on me) which leads to inconsistency’s. Slowing my backswing down just totally messed up my timing. So now I just accept I’m going to be inconsistent ??.

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