Will Lodge (12 yr old – Highlights) – 2016 US Kids Golf World Championship

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Will Lodge playing in the 2016 US Kids Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, NC from August 4-6, 2016. Will played in the 12 year old division at Pinehurst No. 8. He shot 77, 79, 77 over the 54-hole three day tournament and placed 50th out of an international field of 181. The course played to 6,004 yards, where hole yardages ranged from 138-173 for par 3s, 320-393 for par 4s, and 450-510 for par 5s. The event included more than 1,500 kids aged 6-12 from 50+ countries.

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Kohlson Nutial says:

You make me want to play golf

Jason Schwenz says:

calm down with the fist pumps

fishing frenzy cape cod says:

Hey will why don't you curve your hat a little more ?

Pep e says:

I play for my school it would be a great idea for him to start playing from blacks or the blues nice way to start!!! Lot of potential

Chicken McNuggets with a side of Mc fries says:

I just turned 14 and I hit (on average) my 3 iron about 225, 3 wood 250 or 275ish and my Driver about 300. Its weird but I love my 3 wood more than my Driver for tee shots…on par 4's

D.B Golf says:

Excellent Will!!!!
Could you do a WITB

Walker McKee says:

2:56 the tall one in the blue shirt with the white visor is my cousin


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Tj Deering says:

Can you do a what's in the bag please I love those videos thanks ?????

Carter Shipman says:

Do a new 2017 witb!

Ethan Gregerson Random says:


R.A.Y says:


Will Livermore says:

What's your handicap

Patrick Kilcoyne says:

You have a nice putting technique keep up the good work!

Joe Johnson says:

I love you guys I play golf and I have to hole in ones

hustlr23 says:

Will, I'm willing to bet you hit your clubs as far as me if not further. What are your yardages? Driver / 5 / 7 / PW.

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