What the World's Top Golf Scientist REVEALS about the SWING PLANE can HELP YOUR GAME

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Leon Berkowitz says:

A lot of YouTube’s are really making the swing impossible for us regular golfers. Why does the golf swing have to be so complicated as non of us mortals have the time to practice and hit countless balls a week! I don’t know who this guy teaches but all it is is have a neutral grip swing the club on plane back and through using the body to swing the arms. Two turns and a swish that’s all it is. Just get the shaft on plane by pointing the butt end at the target line throughout the swing and swing the club , whatever you do keep moving your feet back and forth before you swing the club back to create flow and do not freeze over the ball whatever you do

Pat C says:

Talk about paralysis through analysis

Anthony says:

Do I have this right? The swing plane is the line between the hands and the club head. If your hands drop quickly from the top it flattens the plane. If the hands stay high and away from the body it steepens the plane. Do you know if there have been any studies done to determine best swing planes and starting positions based on height and body type?

Bob McGlone says:

One thing I noted is you ask great questions and show your on top of the subject matter. Good job.

Shug ! says:

The more I watch Dr. Kwon, the more I see a tremendous emphasis on his left shoulder being almost the captain of the ship. I appreciate the hip separation/rotation, etc. but the biggest transition in my effort to replicate his drill is my left shoulder providing the angles/tilt that are fundamental to the ensuing sequence. Just my take….

philipbgood says:

I think of throwing the clubhead over my shoulder/back slightly left or right of the target on the backswing. Left will result in a fade and right will result in a draw. In order to maintain the swing plane I must accelerate the clubhead in the opposite direction of my backswing target, right or left of the extended target line. It seems to be working for me, I am hitting the ball farther and more consistently.

Steven Gullion says:

Superspeed drills (with the superspeed golf training aids) are a great way to understand the importance of the fast backswing. I do not work for Superspeed. When you sling the club back as fast as possible you don’t have time for manipulation, and you are forced into a good position just so you don’t fall down.

Aidan Griffiths says:

Still the best source on the golf swing ive come across by a mile, started carrying the golf out the back of the range i go to because of it. The pro there said i owe them a lot of golf balls 😂 all thanks to these techniques, thanks again Dr Kwon

AntiHungryHungryClub says:

colin morikawa has left the chat 10:25

Roger Quisbert says:

Muchas gracias
Dr. Kwon. Por compartir tus conocimientos me cambio mi forma de pensar en la enseñanza.
Brillantes ejercicios y progresivos.
Si se puede por favor subtítulos en español.
Gracias Dr.

Rob Stanger says:

So it sounds like a faster backswing is emphasized in this video? How do you explain Jack Nicklaus’ and Tiger Woods’ slow deliberate backswings?

Dan kool says:

Dr. Kwon looks board talking to dude 🤷‍♂️

James Francis says:

Does he do online analysis?

Scott Tracey says:

Each one of these sessions further clarifies teachings. Thanks. Very helpful.

RC says:

The positive correlation between the hand plane and club plane is very interesting. Basically he is saying that a hand plane that is more in to out through impact produces a steeper golf club (hands more over the ball line) and club path (club will work up and not as around). this makes the club deviate more from down the line/neutral plane to more right. This inherently makes sense bcs, just like in the back swing, hands that work more around your body produce a flatter swing and vise versa with hands that work up create a more upright club path (think Justin Thomas). The more your hands work right in the follow through, the more the club is pushed right bcs its further away from the fulcrum point aka ur left shoulder. inches of hand deviation could mean an entire foot or more of club head deviation. It is interesting however that you can still play golf like this, but it will just take more work squaring the face, almost flipping it bcs u need more face rotation. U would be delivering the club in a toe down position with a more open face. That leads to the point that people r trying to fix the follow through wrong by focusing on the club head. This study shows the club head is just an magnified effect, caused by the hand path. So really, u should be focusing on the handpath and the club path will work itself out. The Dr keeps blowing my freaking mind.

Letto Turner says:

He talk to he needs to listen and stop acting like he knows: he needs to humble himself

Brian Chapman says:

Golf swing is like snowflakes, no two are the same. Man was not made to play golf therefore there are lots of variables…this causes discipline and the pursuit of controlled repeatability. Learn, Try, Evaluate, Adjust, Explore, Celebrate…”The pursuit of 72.” I love this game! Note: Some golfers are cantankerous!! Fore…

remmy100 says:

Hmmm….no, I don't think this is it.

John says:

It's a pity Homer Kelley's Golfing Machine is such a challenging read to most golfers. Extensor action, the flying wedges and "magic of the right forearm" are nuggets that are now being supported by high tec research into what keeps the whole club on plane. Concentrate on swinging the hands as they determine where the club head goes.

333pg333 says:

If the hand plane was the same (example swings 1 & 2) but the shoulder plane came down on the outside on swing 2 then the hand plane would not 'fix' the result of the ball strike. Also, I wish Brendon would let the people finish their answers. You interrupt too many times and they never finish what they're saying. Sorry, but it gets a bit annoying.

Steve Lang says:

The Little Pro, Eddie Merrins has always said: "Swing the Handle"!

Respect says:

Women or Women…I don’t get it…

echotribe says:

The golf swing is hard enough I refuse to watch this video

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