What your trail elbow should do on GOLF DOWN SWING

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Here is part 2 of the “Trail Elbow Movement” series. Moving your trail arm and especially your elbow correctly on your golf down swing will allow you to generate maximum club head speed as you strike the golf ball, as well as making it easier for you to control the shape and therefore direction of your golf shot. Here's a really simple video and exercise to work on to get you making the correct move with your trail elbow on your down swing

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scottcov56 says:

I've recently started golf and your have the BEST videos – not too much talking – just get into the 'lesson' – this is great. I've watched other golf video's and don't any more as I can stand all the chit-chat. Really glad I found Smash Factor!! Thanks

Chris Chunzi Zhang says:

Best explanation ever!

Leigh Coulter says:

Love it. You always get right to the point!

John Darby says:

Brilliant drill, not sure how I missed this video – seems like I need lockdowns to improve my golf!! Many tks

Chairman Meow says:

I've always had a flying elbow. I'm physically unable to get it into the correct position at the top. I'm 64 yo now, but it was this way even as a teenager.

Frozen Tundra says:

This was brilliant – thank you!

Grant David Ward says:

thanks for the video. Now I finally understand how to release the club without overusing my wrists.

Karen Buxbaum says:

I had a Lightbulb moment watching this! So much was made clear in such a brief amount of time. I have a reference now to be able to check myself and be more consistent.
I very grateful for the generosity of you sharing your information. 🏌️‍♀️😊

DsevenO says:

Right elbow position at impact is so important, it can hardly be overstated. Getting it right changed my swing completely.

dry509 says:

This is not easy for me to get.

narendra kutnikar says:

fantastic , you keep it short ,game changing instructions,,,

Bp dance says:

Your demo swing facing the camera was so very helpful. Never saw this explained before.
Thank you!

Thomas Fraser says:

At the top of my transitional downswing I now imagine a match at the end of my trail elbow and then flick my trail elbow to light up the match . This one swing thought illuminates everything you said in this great video and results are seen at a blink of an eye and always remarkable. Cheers

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