What's In The Bag – End of Season 2018

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What’s In The Bag – End of Season 2018 – After the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks it’s time for an end of season what’s in the bag


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Barry Mckockiner says:

Peter Finch Golf What is your full take on the one length irons? Are you hooked on one length iron shafts? Do you recommend trying one length iron shaft? Is it worth looking into or not?

Sweswio says:

TS3 is a dope driver

Aaron Perry says:

Hey Pete – what flex do you have in your P790 UDI?

Trevor Wiesner says:

Utility Iron

anth1878 Obrien says:

U and rick shields are by far the best out there mate great work love ur videos and tips keep up the good work mate

rob carter says:

So someone's either playing with or trying to sell the one and only SM7 in the world with 'Typhon' stamped on it…..duh…..

Gary Davis says:

Whatever you do, Pete, hang on to that driver!

littleapeman says:

Pete change irons pleeeeeeeze

Prince Obaid says:

Love your swing

G Work says:

Why did you make the switch from a 52’ to a 50’ degree wedge?

Chef Chefton says:

Peter did those SOB’s damage the new car?

Anders Blomdahl says:

Want to see u tryout the new 2019 one length and the cobra f9 driver and 3w

Arrick Clausen says:

Is the titleist ts3 that different from previous drivers? I personally love the control and get decent distance, maybe 285 average out of my 915d2, thinking about upgrading, but wasn’t sure if it’d be worth my time to look at it or not, but love your videos and keep up the great work, you should come over to the U.S and play over in Iowa this summer! Really enjoy watching long drive the skills challenges and fun challenges as well. Thanks!

EdwardVan Leppard says:

Given what happened, “Hands Off” is a good name for that wedge!

Arcade Explorer says:

The sound that overrides the swing has to stop IMMEDIATELY.

dwaynema says:

Is your ping bag a limited edition or custom?

Milan Boskovic says:

Are you able to test Sterling Single Length irons? It would be nice to see that comparison to your Cobra irons as you are actually playing single length clubs. I know Rick tested them, but having someone test them who actually plays this concept would be very interesting.
Keep up the great work.

Larry Butcher says:

Pete tell Rick to do an end of the season what's in the bag

Stuart Bell says:

I would put the ST back in the bag if I were you. Lol.

Baz Tard says:

Us golfers really do like new stuff don't we lol. I borrowed a cheap nasty set of clubs and played my best golf for a while. My putter probably cost more than the whole set.

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