What's inside My Golf Bag?

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Lincoln got his first set of adult golf clubs! Do custom clubs really make a difference to your golf game? My First Golf Tournament in 4 Years: https://youtu.be/HBLRGP2GcAg

Check out our other golf videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3BVMyyYBBRGQI8KRdO6ib9is_fgFKwf2

Should we do more golf videos and vlogs?

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Jack Murphy says:

I play golf in Ireland

xgdubs says:

He should be using steel shafts

Swifty Zilla42 says:

I think I probably need a new shaft

Bird's Word says:

I'm 5'2 14yrs and I have to use an stiff or extra stiff shaft ?

Rylan Denham says:

Who’s afters his voice has changed

gamer game says:

I’m happy to see him improve and one day become a pro

Cameron Deeks says:

I’m 5’9 and still not allowed to play with adult clubs

Caleb Villicana says:

Please do a lot more golf

Nick V says:

I golf a lot and I have a lot of faith for Lincoln wohoooo

EVO Rampzys says:

I’m left handed too I’m also from utah

Wendell & Becky Waters says:


yehuda kahn says:

i have the best driving range ever in south africa 100 rand for unlimited balls and they are the nicest people over there

Noodles blitz says:

My dad has Lincoln’s shafts

Russell arndt says:

Correct whrgoiurehguoi

Sheri Terrell says:

When is Lincoln

DJ panda says:

Yo I love golf keep up the golf vids

Edward R LACROIX says:


kona adams says:

Wash golf club. Soap. Soft towl. And brush. On the grip use soap. And dry. Towl

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