What's The Best PING Driver? | Driver Comparison EP. 1

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Have you ever wondered… “What's the best PING driver?”

Although that answer may vary from person to person, today we are fitting Bally with our favourite PING line up, and seeing which driver yields the best results!


wayne wentworth says:

Interested to know why you prefer the fade over the draw. My feeling is getting that baby fade confirms to me that I’ve hit a good in to out swing and got all the power behind the ball giving me maximum distance, whereas when I hit those fades, I’m often a little down on distance, which I assume is due to me hitting more of a out to in glancing blow.

wayne wentworth says:

I got the Ping G425 max a couple of months ago and it’s been fantastic, 30 yards further than my previous off the shelf Aeroburner and also easier to hit the fairways. Definitely helped having a fitting, plus some lessons recently has helped me to finally learn how to draw the ball, which has also made a huge difference.

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