Is This The Best Ping Driver Ever?! – PING G430 10K Review

Is This The Best Ping Driver Ever?! – PING G430 10K Review

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24 thoughts on “Is This The Best Ping Driver Ever?! – PING G430 10K Review

  1. I live in Canada the retail price is 800 CND. I don’t know any person who will pay that for one club. I’m afraid pin may have priced themselves out of the average golfers bag.

  2. I mean it’s ment to be inbetween the lst and 430 max. So not more forgiving than the 430 max, but as forgiving and with less spin. So better for faster players.
    I can’t play the 430 max, I get too much spin at my speed

  3. The 10k hype is pretty dumb. Marketing hype of 2024. If you need big game improvement irons then yeah I’d try this driver but for anyone that can deliver a decent swing, any of the other drivers are more than forgiving enough. A club isn’t going to make you a better driver and a club like this doesn’t help you groove your swing cuz there is little feedback. You want bad shots and feel so you know what you did wrong.

  4. Matt, I have the G430 Max, bought just 4 months ago. What is the MOI of that club? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is the 10k longer or more forgiving in your view. I would love to see a head to head comparison video between old and new versions of clubs from Manufacturers, like Qi10 v Stealth 2 and Paradym v Paradym Smoke too

  5. Love my Ping G425 10deg Driver,,,,cost are way out of my league, for this new technology inwhich
    By July of ‘24 Ping will have another driver with MOI of 15 or 20,,,,,it all good thanks,,,

  6. MATT NO. My golf mate has one ping driver and last year 2023 he started hitting it 20 yards further , I am not sure of model other than ping and its 15 years if not older , I bought one last year but so called fitters stuck a woman's shaft in it , it was terrible, it was like trying to hit a golfball with a fish holding its tail .yes alive , I currently have the ROGUE D but now I've know which is the best driver for me only lasted a year but MAVRIK SUB ZERO 9° D super driver it fit me like a glove but a crack in shaft under grip and delay inside the head so it seemed , well 210 rounds last year with it.

  7. I think I may be sold and may look into this later this year. I was fit for a G425 LST two years ago as a beginner. The fitter was an absolute tool and now I know it to have been a catastrophic mistake. I've tried the g430 max and it was definitely more forgiving but on the good hits I'm giving up 20 yards. This is a fascinating proposition to potentially keep the distance but not be punished as much when I toe it. Which let's face it, it half of my drives I hit off the toe.

  8. love the reviews as always Matt, but I gotta say I for once don't agree with you on the price in store point. I've been in a number of local golf stores and pga shops recently and found prices of even the older stock is absurdly high before all this new stuff comes out. I don't know if it's a last minute boost in price before everything goes down for the new stuff, but I somehow don't see stores reducing their prices from the rrp by much if at all. They haven't in the past, and most certainly won't now in an age where nobody cares about the public's pockets

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