The NEW PING G430 MAX Driver… The BEST Driver EVER?

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The NEW PING G430 MAX Driver… The BEST Driver EVER?


Steve Malone says:

The shaft….the shaft…what about the shaft? I changed shafts in my old Taylormade M5 with really good results. Longer and tighter.

Greg says:

I hope Ping have reengineered their housing where the hosel goes in. I have had 2 G410 heads crack their. One was only 2 years and 6 months old and Ping Australia wouldn’t replace it. 😡

neubii neubii says:

first video ever that says the max is better than the LST. I own the LST. and i am hitting bombs if i have the confidence in my swing to release it fully and give it somewhat of a square clubface. Everything about the LST is designed to give you more distance by lowering spinrate by a titanium clubhead with a carbon top. It's not getting any better than this. To claim that the MAX is better anyway i think is just preference here and if true would make PING look kinda stupid to charge more for a less performing club. In the end it comes down to what you are capable of and what you want. I think i will take the MAX fairwaywoods to retain the spinrate and have green stoppage ability, but the LST for absolute dynamite rockets off the tee.

Solid Golfers says:

Sounded like a frying pan (G425)😂😂

Tommy Boyd says:

Your absolutely correct…the sound of the 425 stopped me playing it , so I bought the 430 and it sounds/feels hundred times better.

Nick Tutill says:

G425 sounded bad originally. We used to call it the glock ie same as a glockenspiel. Once it got older the sound has gone

Downpat Music says:

Just was fit by our Ping fitter at the range. He fit me into the Max and I loved it. Loved the sound. Loved how solid it felt. Longer than my very old driver, I withhold the brand name to protect the innocent (dated trusty shorter shafted driver with smaller head), and easier to hit it pure. I could try other drivers. But there is an old saying in windsurfing that comes to mind here, another old passion of mine, "Never leave wind to find wind!" I'll order the Max.

Tony Larick says:

Just got the max yesterday, going out this morning , old age catching up got fitted for reg flex first time ever

Jimmy D says:

All intents and purposes

PNW Sportbike Life says:

I just bought a G430 max in reg flex this morning! It was a though choice between reg and stiff flex, but for me, the reg was just a little more fun to hit than the stiff. Strike sound is awesome as well. Simply an amazing driver IMO; can’t wait to get it out on the course!

jasper says:

James, I bought a Callaway XR speed after seeing you use it in Dubai (?). Today, after leaving the driving range, I went to our local golf shop and tried out the G430 Max and the Paradym in a simulator. Honestly there was nothing in it between these drivers and my XR (Bought new for au $288). No way I will be spending a thousand dollars when I did not see any improvement. Oh and my handicap is 22. Cheers

Tpz says:

Deleting comments I see.

Arron Jacobs says:

James, I like to see you review the new G430 9 wood !!! I am hearing good things about it and like to see it go up against the Paradym Heavenwood?.

Chris McAteer says:

Why did you stop using TSR3? I think it’s exceptional

Anthony says:

Shots fired @ #TeamAl 😂

steven gerrard says:

There is so little difference in the end result why bother with the LST .

B Cunningham says:

To be fair to Callaway you should compare the 💎 💎 💎 with the regular Paradym.

Robert Powell says:

Gamed the G410 Max for a bit and loved it. Then changed to a Callaway Rogue ST Max LS, and used that for the last year. I followed advise from you and many others and went in for a full driver fitting. Will admit that the 2 final drivers that survived at the end was the Ping G430 Max and TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus and ended up getting the Stealth 2 just based on overall numbers. I am one that didn't really like the overall look of the Ping drivers, I did like the sound and feel of the new Ping but we all know looks, sound and feel are a personal preference from one person to anotherr.

Etherblitz says:

I love the LST. The ping drivers G430 are so forgiving, I was able to use a much longer shaft and that increases speed a distance.
Bombs away !!!!!

The Cavity Back Golfer says:

What I have found is to find a stable driver head that allows you to swing as fast as you can with control. I fight a toe hook, and Ping G & PXG XF drivers have a wider face that helps my toe shots retain more spin and keep the ball from diving and dropping to the left. Funny thing is I just saw Ian from TXG switch to the G430 for a lot of the same reasons. Lighter driver heads will look great on launch monitors and simulators but stable heads will keep a lot of players in play and not out of bounds…

Mark Hughes says:

God your boring JR…I bet you wish you were RS…🤣🤣🤣🤣

Adrian Scott says:

The dispersion on the max looked insane 👌

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