TGW's Best Driver Testing 2023

Now that all the new golf clubs for 2023 are on the market, it's time to see how they compare! Under the direction of Rick Hatfield, TGW's Master Fitter and product expert, we gathered a panel of testers to try out the best drivers of 2023. These golf clubs are geared toward players with swing speeds 90-105 mph. See the full results:

4 thoughts on “TGW's Best Driver Testing 2023

  1. Another win for Titleist. Its head and shoulders above the other drivers this year.
    Just look at the number of non contracted players using it.

  2. I have tested all of the new Ping, Callaway, Titleist , Srixzon. I liked the Titleist TRR2 the best. However I got the Wilson Carbon Dynapower driver. It outperformed all and love the look and feel, Shocked me.

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