Its your Friday where Chris answers one of your questions. This week responding to Steven Baird who asked about hand position at set up.

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  1. It seems that regardless of when you create a flat left wrist during the swing, it is still possible to have a cupped left wrist at impact if the right hand and wrist overpower the left. This is my problem, since I’m very right side dominant and want to add “hit” to the swing with the stronger right hand and wrist.

  2. During a recent lessons with my club pro, I was told to keep my setup hand position inside my left thigh for sand shots and pitches of 50 yards or so. But I've been experimenting with that position on longer irons and have seen some success, especially in ball striking. Thanks, Chris.

  3. I’ve noticed that having the handle too far forward makes it hard to bring the club around my body and stay compact. I tried keeping the shaft more vertical with my 5 iron and noticed my swing felt a lot more natural with better ball contact.

  4. That was a great explanation. Never heard it presented that way. However my problem at least visually to me is that to align the club head (iron) I find that I am moving my hands forward because if I try and take the handle back to neutral as you show in the video the club appears to me to be dead left. Especially with the wedges. I know I must be missing something becasue I have never heard or seen this issue addressed.

  5. Best piece of information . Now I know that shaft lean is important but at the same time not that important pending if you can achieve a flat wrist at the top

  6. Thanks a lot for this video. I was having problems with returning to a straight wrist at impact. I now place my hands forward, and all my shots are now quite straight!!! Thanks!!!

  7. Hi Chris, great video as usual, thank you. I am struggling with my iron game at the moment, as in I believe that setting my hands at vertical at address is causing me to flip the clubface at the ball causing me inconsistent ball striking? As sometimes i hit it thin and other times fat? I think that there are to many moving parts going on with my wrists. And thought that setting my hands at address in a straight line with my left arm, (as per your vid) to help alleviate this movement? Thoughts please?
    Kind regards, Graham

  8. So if you’re going to play the shaft a bit forward in your setup would it help to have a weaker more neutral grip to not have to flatten it out?

  9. For so long I had the hinge at address all wrong for full shots vs pitch shots. Literally had them backwards. This video was a eureka moment for me and I’m finally hitting nice draws

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