The Best LAG Drill of All Time | Not What You'd Expect

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Bob S says:

You did a video a while back in which you used an alignment stick to effectively lengthen the grip end of the club. The goal was to make an entire swing without the alignment stick touching the body. Now I can’t find you (or anyone else) swinging in such a way. Was that just an exaggeration drill? Please remind me of its purpose because it’s giving me (a beginner) fits. Thank you for these fantastic videos!

Cruusher says:

would this Lag technique be useful with long irons, or even full-medium distance short iron shots as well?

Ray Barbosa says:

There was another lag drill by Quentin. I can't find it now. Can you post the link. Thanks

SodergrenWoodWorking says:

I really want to thank you guys! This drill/feel solved my early realise and chicken wings! Keep up the good work you guys do😀 regards from sweden 🇸🇪

Sharad Kerur says:

@1:32 – I don’t think you mean “altercation”. I think you meant “alteration”. Unless you really wanted a noisy public disagreement. 😉 EXCELLENT tips.

Corky Duke says:

That vital 'tilt' that the pro's do appears nearly non-existent in yer swing

Shane Ducholke says:

I have never had much lag. When I was young, o was very athletic and could hit the ball a long way. I could rarely hit my driver straight, but I could hit my 3 wood consistently.280-290 yards and top the 300 mark about once a round
Fast forward 30+ years and i am no longer athletic or have quick hips and I lost a lot of distance when I could barely hit my now straight driver 250 yds. I spent 1 winter specifically working on lag and I focused on hinging my wrists as much as possible at the top of my swing. When courses opened up again, I was so excited to see how much distanced I gained and to my surprise, I lost 20-30 yards. A buddy filmed my swing and I was casting and flipping my wrists so early, I had zero ball compression. I am hoping these drills will give me back my distance and them some so my buddies stop harassing me that they can hit their hybrids as long as my driver.

Michael Hoepfner says:

Congratulations Q. Probably one of the top three YouTube Golf videos of all time. I went to the range and achieved instant success. Then I went to play and enjoyed unbelievable drives and irons. I’ve always had a problem in letting the wrist breakdown on my backswing. You motivated me to stop the nonsense. Thanks so much for the counter intuitive advice.

singledigits says:

Gotta love the altercation malaprop ! R.I.P.

Terry Thomas says:

What did you do to Clay? Thats who we came to see? Clone Ballard?

Richard Crockett says:

Not sure where to put this comment. I used your technique to square the face and snap at impact. It worked which is great but I can’t control the draw / hook. Is it a ball position or grip problem

Chris Hardin says:

So I took this drill to the range and added 30 yards on the drill swings! Incorporating this move is my next goal.. thanks guys!

c1985paul says:

I feel like a big part of lag starts in the grip. If I hold the grip in my fingers the lag is automatic.

B Johnson says:

"Counter intuitive"…..isnt that the cornerstone of Golf?

dennis kline says:

I don't know???

lmc1dj says:

Soooooo, I came across your other video on lag last week, you simplified it in a way what resonated with me. The outcome being my 3 wood is now going 275yds as apposed to 245/,250, the lag has made my swing feel effortless aswell. Tempo is the key for me. Thankyou so much. I will let you know how I start hitting the driver next week.

Hannu Leinonen says:

Starting to sound like Steve Pratt talking about Mike Austin swing or atleast the start of the downswing.

Thomas Michaels says:

Not to be an ass, but it's alteration, not altercation.
Good tip, by the way.

imuawarriors says:

something to try on the range… to my eye, it doesn't look like you're completing your backswing, but you're definitely getting a lot of lag just before impact…

davemal15 says:

Can you use this drill with a strong grip…or does it have to be neutral?

Mike Dunphy says:

Thanks Q! Will definitely try this and +1 to seeing you more on the YT channel!

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