Which Ping iron suits me – 2023? (includes new G430 iron)

Following the launch of the new Ping G430 iron, TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow show how all five irons within the Ping line-up compare.

A must watch to better understand which Ping iron is best suited to your game in 2023. We discuss what's put on the line by choosing a set beyond your ability, and show how each model compares in data.


See more about the Ping Blueprint iron on our website here https://bit.ly/3GpgQmh

See more about the Ping i59 iron on our website here https://bit.ly/3QqvGgK

See more about the Ping i230 iron on our website here https://bit.ly/3VYgc4L

See more about the Ping i525 iron on our website here https://bit.ly/3Czw0UO

See more about the Ping G430 iron on our website here

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15 thoughts on “Which Ping iron suits me – 2023? (includes new G430 iron)

  1. So many different lofts… But the only thing that matters in my opinion is to calibrate each club. Once you know your distance with each iron, you're able to chose the right one in your bad. All the rest is marketing.
    No place for comments on a score card !

  2. Great video !!! Just bought the I525 with 120 shaft. Love the g430 but not sure how well the carbon insert will last. I525 forged seemed a better bet for long time play and they look so good !

  3. I have a question. I am a mid handicap. I dont know the exact number because I play for fun, not prizes. But on 9 holes I shoot between about 5 and 9 over most times, as low as +2, as high as +14 on my best and worst. I only played about 5 rounds last year and still kept it to +18 on a fairly difficult 18 holes. (Hard and Fast greens with desert sand beyond the 2nd cut) I have played ping eye 2's for about 20 years. Its my first set I've had and I love them. I occasionally stuff it very close from about 150 to 170 yds, and my short game makes most of my friends look terrible by comparison.
    My wife bought me g425's for Christmas. They are long for sure. But they seem like they are all over the place. I miss left, and right, and I occasionally slice which I almost never do with eye 2's. I think the I230 might be the club for me because I want more precision and consistency. What do you think; stick with the g425's or get the i230's? I may be over thinking it. If you actually read and respond, Thank you very much.

  4. Currently gaming the p790 and love the forgiveness and distance combo but getting some hot ones, and would like something a little smaller, what do you think on forgiveness compared to the i230 and would you recommend the power loft?

  5. Brilliant review guys, thanks for giving a really good breakdown, the forgiveness ratings are so helpful and great to see differences between each model.

  6. This is such bullshit, their really is only so much u can do with a bit of metal on a stick, instead of having to put the latest irons in your bag, bye a few years old with ping 6 and you will pretty much get same results give or take 1mph ball speed, spend rest on lessons or practice more, the club aint gonna hit ball for you ????

  7. Great video. Best aspect is amount of bounce in pings longer irons. Makes them easy to hit however can be a bit of a detriment when trying to flight down the 9 iron or wedge. I did have to adjust the loft on my i525s to get the gapping right.
    I think that’s why the standard loft of the Pitching wedge is 41 degrees on the g430s.

  8. Greater bounce makes the g430 more of a winter iron in my mind living in Spain. Someone buying these will need 5 wedges by the looks of things ?

  9. Wouldn't a better test be to compare clubs with the same (similar) loft rather then a stamped iron number which at the end of the day doesn't mean anything? i525 and 430i 8 irons essentially and 7 iron for Blueprint, i59, i230. Ideally using the same shaft in all clubs too would be nice too, but I realize that due to head weight and shaft length that would provide different swing weights and club head speed.

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